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One range of PET blowing machines covers every customer need

Backed by 30 years of experience, Sidel's range of PET blowing machines can meet all your technical packaging challenges with solutions for every required format, output rate and process.


SBO Universal2eco range: high output for multi-serve, top-quality packages

SBO Universal2eco blow moulders offer high output rates, top bottle quality and production reliability while minimising operating costs. With an output rate of 12,000 to 54,000 bottles per hour, these robust and safe blow moulders are designed to handle bottles ranging from 0.25 L to 2.5 L. They are functional, accessible, user-friendly and are designed to minimise downtime. The SBO Universal2eco can either operate in standalone configuration or be integrated into a Combi blow-fill-cap solution.


SBO Highspeed: for the on-the-go market

Inspired by the SBO Universal range, the SBO Highspeed can produce 68,000 single-serve bottles per hour, ranging from 0.2 L to 0.75 L. It is suitable for the on-the-go market with very high output rates for single-serve PET bottles. Its improved productivity helps to reduce operating costs.


SBO Compact2: compact and powerful

The SBO Compact2 is an entry-level linear blow moulder with a compact and robust ergonomic design for outputs between 2,400 and 7,200 bottles per hour and sizes from 0.25 L to 10 L. Based on the latest technological advances, the SBO Compact2 ensures high yields and simplified machine operations. The results are always flawless bottles due to a fully controlled heating process.


SBO Universal HR: optimum production of heat-set PET bottles

The SBO Universal HR blow moulder is dedicated to the production of heat-set PET containers, hot-filled or pasteurised, ranging from 0.25 L to 2 L. It can process 10,800 to 51,000 bottles per hour. Its HR (Heat Resistance) process is possible thanks to features such as HR heating modules, separate ventilation for neck protection and mould temperature control systems.


SBO Universal PH and SBO Compact PH

The preferential heating process is ideal for producing complex plastic packaging such as flat bottles or asymmetrical containers. The SBO Universal PH and SBO Compact PH blow moulder ranges apply Sidel's in-depth knowledge of complex packaging design.


Working with us brings you the benefit of our years of experience and know-how in blow moulding combined with our full range of capabilities in packaging design, moulds and package-dependent parts, bottle qualification, production line start-up and equipment maintenance.

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