Sidel Complete Line Solutions for Food, Home and Personal Care

Integrated solutions for total line control and maximum performance

A complete line helps optimise performance and decision-making across its lifetime, and Sidel is dedicated to meeting all of your needs.


Our customised solutions combine engineering and PET packaging expertise with advanced technologies, while tailored services help maintain and improve performance.


The EIT™ (Efficiency Improvement Tool) offers intelligent 24/7 performance monitoring and helps you continuously improve line performance: 

  • Automated data-acquisition and line-monitoring system
  • Actionable intelligence at all levels, from day-to-day operations to business decision-making
  • AQ-Clock real-time measurement and audio voice messaging

User-friendly, modular and scalable solution 


An emphasis on flexibility, efficiency, and productivity

We make the effort to understand the specific requirements of your line in order to meet your goals and challenges.


As a key player in the "Factory of the Future" movement, we complement our industry solutions with Agility 4.0 capabilities that bring smart factories to life. We are speeding up consumption behaviours to deliver solutions that will transform and enhance the nature of packaging production. 


Explore below our complete line solutions for food, home and personal care in PET:

  • Packaging Packaging
  • Blowing Blowing
  • Combi Combi
  • Labelling Labelling
  • Conveying Conveying
  • Packing Packing
  • Palletising Palletising
  • Services Services
    Sidel Services™

Strengthen your brand appeal

Creative designs and innovative shapes with no compromise

For over two decades, Sidel has been a pioneer in the production of PET FHPC containers. 

Based on your insights, specifications, supply-chain conditions and goals, our talented packaging experts help you design a package aligned with your FHPC brand; a container that offers brand differentiation with unique looks, quality and performance for a great consumer experience. 


Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Conceptual design – bottle/preform renderings, drawings
  • Technical design – all parts of bottle/preform/neck
  • Prototypes – 3D-printed models
  • Virtual bottle-modelling with finite element-analysis (FEA) and supply chain simulations
  • Full feasibility studies and performance tests with pilot moulds and Sidel equipment
  • Strict quality controls
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary package-testing


Staying ahead through innovation

Sidel’s extensive packaging capabilities are appreciated by the most demanding FMCG players: producers in personal care, hair care, oral care and household care as well as food and beverages, and more:


  • Very flat, thin containers at a length/width ratio from 1.6-2.5
  • Very stable, flat PET containers throughout the supply chain
  • Innovative and complex shapes, flat shoulders, flat bases and off-centre necks
  • Optimised squeezability and closure tightness
  • Opaque and coloured preforms including heavy TiO2 load



How Sidel can help you to standarise your solution?

  • Neck-rationalisation and catalogue
  • Preform-design master plan and associate inventory to limit number of preforms and increase SKU portfolio
  • Bottle rationalisation – multi-product bottle design
  • Modular closure design
Sidel Hot Fill IMG 11alt2

The optimal solution for flat or complex shapes

A unique & proven preferential heating process

Based on over 20 years’ expertise in preferential heating (PH), our blowing solution is the optimal means of producing complex or flat PET bottles. Today, Sidel’s Matrix blowers provide the most demanding FMCG producers with the means to package their products.


Appealing, high-quality designs

Sidel’s Matrix preferential heating blow moulders ensure optimal quality for the most complex bottle designs.


Ensure premium bottle quality

The new Matrix PH blower combines proven processes and technology for performance that offers unique features and benefits for FHPC markets. Sidel’s blowing solutions overcome the challenge of shape limitation by using preferential heating, which can produce lightweight bottles in a variety of asymmetrical shapes with optimal material distribution.



Improve efficiency and hygiene with an integrated solution

Compact and flexible production

The Sidel Combi Matrix PH combines blowing, filling and capping processes in a single integrated system. This is designed to optimise your line layout, reduce costs, increase bottle quality and ensure hygienic production.


All-in-one with Sidel FHPC combi:

  • Automated combination of blowing/filling architecture
  • Common platform, different filling technologies
  • Modular design accommodates future upgrades for improved long-term productivity and efficiency
  • Quick format/neck changeover

Efficient and cost-effective:

  • Maximum performance with output rates from 6,000 to 30,000 bph at container volumes from 100 mL to 3.8 L
  • Lower capital costs with simplified engineering and a footprint reduction of up to 30%
  • Transformation of costly downtime into profitable uptime, the Combi’s production efficiency can reach 95%

Flexible, accurate and hygienic:

  • Hygienic standards with a 100% stainless steel filling structure
  • High filling accuracy allows a standard deviation of 0.8 mL/L
  • Filling tank’s smaller volume reduces cleaning time by 30% and chemical requirements by 40%

Stand out on store shelves

Give your product an eye-catching, durable look

Once your FHPC packaging solution is blown, filled and capped, it moves on to one of its most defining features: the label. Sidel can help you stay on top of labelling trends and stand out on store shelves.


EvoDECO Adhesive EvoDECO Roll-fed




The Sidel EvoDECO Adhesive labeller is ideal for the application of self-adhesive, pressure-sensitive labels at any speed, with increased efficiency and easy operation.



  • Optimal label tension throughout the entire process
  • Flawless label treatment via precise label application for any bottle shape or size
  • Sustainable and cost-effective labelling
  • Easy changeover and maintenance




Sidel’s EvoDECO Roll-fed labelling solutions deliver the flexibility needed to match all your needs. The success of roll-fed technology lies in the plastic label’s physical and practical qualities.



  • Easy to control all labelling processes from the ergonomic linear station design
  • High labelling accuracy and quality
  • Quick format changeovers and simple maintenance
  • Sustainable, cost-efficient operations
  • Minimised energy consumption
  • Minimum of 15% reduction in annual glue consumption

High-performance, sustainable conveying solutions

Respecting your product, goals and brand

Gebo Cermex’ s expertise in conveying engineering makes your production strategies a reality by fully understanding your goals and your packaging line. We design solutions that favour flexibility for fast format changeovers, while our control system seamlessly adapts conveying speeds to your container and line properties.



  • Comprehensive range of conveying solutions
  • Regulated flow and flexible production from modular conveying architecture
  • A continuous production flow from accumulation solutions and a smart design that combines optimised mechanics with automation expertise and connectivity

AQFlex® performance and agility:

Gebo Cermex offers the AQFlex®, an all-in-one solution with no need for other conveying functions. It combines flexibility, high performance and unprecedented compactness, saving space compared to traditional equipment, while also offering the best accumulation-to-space ratio on the market. The AQFlex® delivers a fast return on investment and up to 99.5% efficiency - even at high speeds.



Protect your final product

Maintain integrity and quality with a large range of secondary packaging solutions

The right overwrapping solution protects your products while ensuring an appealing appearance. Once your product is ready, the primary package is gently and smoothly managed by our conveyors, aligners/dividers and accumulation systems before being transferred to the dry part of the process.



  • A packaging solution to meet your needs from the large portfolio of Gebo Cermex secondary packaging solutions
  • An optimised process thanks to quick, automatic changeovers that provide the flexibility needed for multiple-SKU production at every speed
  • Reduced overall costs by optimising the required quantity of material and consumables in the line
  • Gentle, precise and efficient product-infeed systems that respect product integrity
  • Largest range of packing and shrink-wrapping solutions in the market

Flexible and compact palletising

Find the right solution for your needs

When it comes to palletising, every FHPC producer faces specific needs that cannot be met by a single universal solution. That is why Gebo Cermex offers a comprehensive range of high-quality adaptable solutions.



  • A wide range of palletising options
  • High flexibility for handling a variety of products, pack/case formats, and layer/pallet patterns
  • Efficient element management - including empty or full pallets, product layers and interlayer dividers – all at the same time
  • User-friendly and innovative software for pallet-pattern configuration and creation for easy troubleshooting or maintenance
  • Integration of multiple systems to deliver a complete end-of-line solution
Sidel conveyor training

Continuous performance - today and tomorrow

Tailored support and global expertise with Sidel Services

Your line is a critical production asset, and you need continuous performance optimisation at every stage of your production lifecycle.


Building performance

Our training solutions help to build your team’s performance. The new Skill Matrix assessment identifies competence levels, while our training programs result in skilled teams that can achieve more, right from the start.


Maintaining performance

Our modular maintenance agreements ensure consistently reliable performance. Maintenance offerings have evolved to include Time & Material for tailored preventive maintenance, and Fixed Price for condition-based maintenance at fixed costs. 


Improving performance

Our range of audits, options and upgrades helps optimise your equipment lifecycle. The 360° and Focus Audit solutions enable the identification of quick wins, defining actions that improve productivity.


Managing your line and protecting assets requires top-quality parts and advanced technical skills. Sidel offers first-in-class spare parts, global technical support and local field assistance. Including:

  • Original-Quality Spare Parts, delivered on time and in full
  • Sidel Services Online gives fast and easy online access to your installed base for orders and offers
  • Multidisciplinary competences and advanced technical skills are available worldwide