Sidel complete line solutions for carbonated soft drinks

Improve production flexibility and beverage consistency

Success in CSD beverage production requires focus on flexibility and overall efficiency, with cost-effective resource management and branding opportunities that deliver optimal results across your supply chain. Our unmatched expertise and technical knowledge of PET packaging helps you achieve more.


With over 40 years of experience in designing and implementing customised complete PET line solutions for carbonated soft drinks, we can help you expand your line's production capabilities. Over the years, we have significantly reduced the weight of CSD bottles while retaining bottle resistance and expanding design opportunities.


One partner for all your needs

A complete CSD line solution from Sidel takes into account every step of your PET carbonated soft drink process, from minimising resource waste to determining your bottle's ideal look and weight. With everything centred around one supplier, you get wide-ranging expertise, line equipment and ongoing services. This ensures high quality and efficiency from packaging to equipment, fast ramp-up and beyond.  

Learn more about Sidel’s complete CSD line solution across each phase of PET CSD production:

  • Packaging Packaging
  • Blowing Blowing
  • Filling Filling
  • Mixing/Blendfill Mixing/Blendfill
  • Combi Combi
  • Labelling Labelling
  • Super Combi Super Combi
    Super Combi
  • Packing Packing
  • Palletising Palletising
  • Services Services

Innovation for smarter bottle production

Improve your bottle performance while lowering costs

From preform and packaging design to final production and beyond, we help you create a PET bottle that protects your product, delights your customers and strengthens your brand:



  • Virtual bottle modelling: Evaluation of bottle stability, rigidity and quality prior to your industrial production
  • Freedom-of-shape: Infinite bottle design possibilities for recyclable single-serve, multi-serve or extended-family formats
  • Scientifically proven: Quality certified by our in-house packaging experts
  • Lightweighting: Balances weight reduction and performance increase
  • Sidel StarLiteTM CSD PET base: Greater stability, base resistance and protection against stress cracking/deformation, lower package weight, higher output and reduced energy consumption

A focus on the future of packaging

At Sidel, we continuously look for new ways to improve our PET production standards and techniques. The result is constant progress in the areas of lightweighting and bottle durability, as well as cost savings on resources and equipment.


Achieve more efficient, more effective bottle production with Sidel's unique blowing technology.


Stronger blowing performance with Sidel Matrix blower

Modular design, high efficiency and maximum uptime

The Sidel MatrixTM blower system features modular PET blow-moulding technology that combines easy operation, reduced environmental impact and longer uptime for results that keep costs down and productivity up.



  • Sidel IntelliblowerTM: Industry-leading blower performance with patented control and self-regulation systems for repeatable and consistently high bottle quality
  • Production flexibility: Up to 200 different equipment size configurations from one platform
  • Top quality: Electrical stretching for bottle integrity, full material distribution control and performance
  • Fast output: Boosted uptime and speed (up to 2,400 bottles/mould/hour)
  • Efficient consumption: Up to 45 % less electricity and 35 % less compressed air with Eco-Oven and E-Stretching
  • Production efficiency: Quick bottle changeover in under 15 minutes with Bottle Switch system and Modulomould™ insertion process  

Get an integrated, blowing and filling solution with the Sidel Combi.


Achieve higher blowing possibilities in our most smart all-in-one CSD solution with the Sidel Super Combi.


See how you can streamline your operation, and fill more bottles with Sidel's filling expertise.


Sidel Matrix Filler SF300 FM

Accurate and efficient CSD production

With magnetic flow meters, the Sidel MatrixTM SF300 FM offers high output with the utmost accuracy and automatic bottle changeovers.



  • No vertical bottle movement prevents bottles jams increasing efficiency
  • Consistent high accuracy: Magnetic or mass flow meters for optimal volume
  • Optimal hygiene: Reduced filling environment, less water/chemical consumption during external cleaning
  • Cost efficiency: 30% less maintenance downtime, efficient servomotors and reduced electrical consumption for lower TCO
  • Production flexibility: Automatic dummy bottles for safer and quicker cleaning.
  • Automatic bottle changeover and double-neck handling available for reduced downtime

Get an integrated blow-fill-cap solution with the Sidel Combi.


Integrate our highly accurate filler into the most smart, all-in-one CSD solution with the Sidel Super Combi.


Optimise carbonation and mixing with our integrated Blendfill solution.

Mixing Blendfill




For an exemplary taste profile and long-lasting and homogeneous bubbles, a world-class blending system is required. Our Sidel Matrix™ Mixer SM500 improves beverage quality while reducing both CO2consumption and loss of resources through a unified system.



  • Deaeration module: Operating capacity of 7,000-80,000 L/hour enables highly efficient oxygen removal through water-mist spraying and liquid ring vacuum pump
  • Syrup-blending module: Mass flow meter enables precise, consistent Brix syrup dosing measurement, optimising both start-up and run-out
  • Carbonation module: Accomplishes carbonation through carefully regulated CO2-injection process with efficient modulation valve flow control and holding pipe for consistent homogeneity
  • Storage module: Reduces CO2 consumption at start-up and maintains ideal beverage temperature
  • Optimised cleaning: Self-draining pipes and spray balls in all system tanks

In addition to its standard modules, the mixer is also fitted with control systems that use either refractometric or densitometric technology, ensuring accurate oxygenation, carbonation, Brix value and sugar-inversion levels for optimal final beverage quality.




Sidel Blendfill combines all the benefits of the Sidel MatrixTM SM500 mixer and the Matrix SF300 FM filler into a single system that offers improved performance at lower costs. It allows for consistent carbonation via a beverage tank that also serves as a filler tank, reducing physical footprint as well as water and CO2 usage.



  • Two-in-one efficiency: Matrix Mixer SM500 CSD tank used as filler tank, with 50% less CO2 consumed
  • Compact and simple: Single pressure and level control, along with fewer components and functions for less maintenance
  • Faster routines: Quick installation, quick cleaning, optional automation of beverage changeovers
  • Efficiency: Reduced pipe length for easier connection and cleaning and centrifugal pump with Variable Frequency Driver 

Compact flexibility and expanded possibility

Improve efficiency and hygiene with an integrated solution

The Sidel MatrixTM Combi combines blow moulding, filling and capping within a single system that optimises line layout, performance and footprint. Designed for single-user operation, with full automation and standardised maintenance, it improves your line's overall efficiency and increases productivity.


Flexible and hygienic

  • Extensive range of configurations and faster format changeovers
  • Optimised line layout and efficiency with compact and ergonomic design
  • Ensured hygiene and food safety with a controlled production environment

Efficient and cost-saving

  • Up to 4% more efficient than standalone machines
  • 12% less operating costs
  • Reduces need for energy, labour, raw materials and spare parts

Give your product a memorable look with Sidel's labelling solution.


Flexible labelling solutions

Give your product a memorable look

 After the filling process, the beverage product moves onto one of its most defining features - the label. Our labellers can handle any label format and will make sure your product stands out from the crowd.


Apply roll-fed labels with Sidel Matrix SL70 labeller

This high performance system allows you to apply up to 60,000 roll-fed labels per hour with controlled precision. It also has a unique ability to manage positive and negative spins and any bottle shape and speed. The Sidel MatrixTM roll-fed labeller SL70 can be installed in a variety of layouts and is easily reconfigurable. 



  • Reliable high-speed performance
  • Precise and controlled label handling
  • 30% Changeovers time reduction 
  • 40% less maintenance downtime
  • 40% Energy reduction

Boost your uptime with innovative labelling solution of the Sidel Super Combi.




To satisfy high demand while still maintaining the flexibility to address dynamic beverage trends, a smarter solution is needed: Sidel Super Combi.


Sidel Super Combi integrates preform feeding, blowing, labelling, filling and cap feeding into a single system, and utilises integrated equipment intelligence for production optimisation and performance enhancement. This makes it the ideal solution for maximising water and CSD production, and increasing line efficiency while reducing your TCO.


The smart way to consistent performance

Through connected data-analytics and optimised maintenance services, the Super Combi can continuously sustain production efficiency.

  • 95% overall efficiency
  • Maximised uptime and production output at constant high/very-high speed
  • Equipment intelligence optimises, maintains and enhances performance over time


  • Comprehensive TCO reduction
  • Up to 30% more compact
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Prioritises efficiency and product quality

Get more information about our Sidel Super Combi.


Visit the Sidel Super Combi website and learn why it’s one smart solution.


Protect your products with durable and cost-effective packing solutions from Sidel.


Flexible and durable packing solutions

Protect your product with appealing and functional packs

Once your beverage product has been filled and the bottle has been labelled, the primary package is gently transferred using Sidel conveyors to its secondary packaging process. The final result is the package the customer sees at the point of sale, so it needs to grab their attention. These packs ensure protection from elements such as weather, pressure and temperature changes.


Whether you choose shrink-printed film, nested packs or wraparound cartons, Sidel packers gently feed bottles to ensure durable and cost-effective packs.



  • Pack consistency and quality
  • Gentle and precise infeed configuration
  • Flexible handling of multiple SKUs
  • Automatic pack and raw material changeovers
  • Heat, glue, carton and film optimisation     

Ensure efficient store and transport with Sidel's smart palletising.


Flexible palletising for multiple patterns

Improve efficiency during storage and transport

Once your packaged product is ready to continue across the supply chain, efficiency during storage and transport is essential. As bottles and packs vary in format and size, it is important that conveying and palletising handles a variety of products, packs and layer patterns.



  • Conventional palletiser: easy operation, troubleshooting and maintenance; handles up to 3 SKUs simultaneously
  • Robotic palletiser: compact fit with high production speeds and multiple patterns; handles up to 4 SKUs simultaneously

Get the support your Sidel line deserves with our 24/7 services.


Global support with Sidel Services

Optimise performance today and tomorrow

Once your CSD line production and efficiency targets are reached, the goal is to maintain and even improve these levels for years to come. With our dedicated Sidel ServicesTM team and our tailored portfolio, you can lower costs and increase the value of your beverage production for long-term success.


Maintain performance

  • Access 24/7 Sidel support and ongoing on-site diagnostic visits
  • Predict and resolve issues in advance
  • Ensure line longevity with Sidel's global team of experts
  • Monitor performance, pre-plan downtime and provide fast corrective maintenance 

Improve performance

  • Maintain a full overview of your Sidel production with Sidel Services Online
  • Order Sidel original spare parts online for increased uptime and reliability
  • Access more than 500 options and upgrades for every step of production
  • Upgrade with training in new methodologies and procedures
  • Get training on-site, online or at any global Sidel Training Centre

Adapt production to new demands

  • Continuously adjust for new products, recipes or packaging
  • Use original Sidel moulds for line conversions
  • Experience increased uptime, reduced costs and greater production flexibility