Sidel Aseptic solution for juices, teas, sport drinks and liquid dairy products

Taking care of what’s most important in your production

Perfectly defined liquid recipes and processing methods, combined with the right PET bottle and aseptic packaging solution, can ensure maximum product integrity along the supply chain for juices, nectars, soft drinks, isotonics and teas (JNSDIT) as well as liquid dairy products (LDP), while optimising uptime and costs.


We have worked with both the dairy and JNSDIT industries for over 50 and 60 years, respectively. 40 years of aseptic packaging expertise has led to our development of proven solutions, including innovative dry preform decontamination and traditional wet bottle decontamination.


One partner for all your needs

A fully connected aseptic line lets you optimise performance and make more informed decisions across the lifetime of your line with regard to food safety and productivity goals. Sidel's holistic, flexible approach is dedicated to meeting all of your aseptic production needs. You benefit from having everything centred around one supplier, from process solution to PET packaging assessment, and from equipment definition and delivery to fast ramp-up and beyond.

Explore below our complete line solutions for your aseptic beverages in PET:

  • Product Assessment Product Assessment
    Product Assessment
  • Packaging Packaging
  • Processing Processing
  • Combi Combi
  • Labelling Labelling
  • Packing Packing
  • Palletising Palletising
  • Services Services

The science of the beverage and the package

Protect your beverage integrity with the right PET packaging solution

Packaging an aseptic beverage means considering every variable that can influence its viability, and designing a package that will preserve your beverage's original profile. With help from Sidel's scientific experts in beverage, packaging and industrial design early in the process, your production bottle can safeguard beverage integrity.



  • Valuable beverage insight: Physical, chemical and sensory analyses to qualify beverage behaviour in a given PET packaging, leading to appropriate filling solution
  • Package quality assessment: Qualification of decontamination and sealing performance, chemical residue, and on-site microbial analysis to ensure total hygienic compliance
  • Real-world evaluation: Reduced-scale production of your beverage under simulated conditions in preparation for full-scale production

Once the ideal packaging solution is determined, our packaging technology makes it a reality.


From concept to consumer

Differentiate your product with a unique, high-performance PET package

From preform and packaging design to final production and beyond, we help you create a PET bottle that protects your product, delights your customers and strengthens your brand:



  • A standout brand: We help you develop a PET bottle that ensures the right consumer experience, product safety and line efficiency
  • Ensured real-world bottle performance: Evaluation of bottle stability, rigidity and quality prior to your industrial production
  • Optimised PET bottle: Reducing bottle weight while maintaining performance
  • Original moulds qualified for maximum uptime: Solutions for new lines or conversion of existing lines

With the right bottle design ready for blowing, our integrated processing solutions ensure food safety and product integrity.


Fully integrated processing solutions

Optimise performance without compromising product integrity

Our fully integrated solutions employ the processing equipment and capabilities of Tetra Pak Processing Systems (TPPS) - the inventor of aseptic technology. Based on years of technological innovation that prioritises hygienic compliance and food safety while still taking into account your need for maximum uptime, our systems optimise aseptic production with efficient solutions designed to protect your beverage from preparation to filling.



  • Maximum uptime: Continuous aseptic production runs, without cleaning stoppages
  • Effective cleaning: Fast changeovers with optimised cleaning cycles
  • Efficient hygiene: Shorter sterilisation times between different production cycles

Packaging decontamination, blowing and filling are traditionally performed separately from one another, but with Sidel Aseptic Combis, the process can be optimised.

Dry preform
Wet bottle



Scientifically proven aseptic dry preform decontamination

The Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis decontaminates a preform instead of an entire bottle as this is an easier and safer method. Hydrogen peroxide (H202) is injected in the preforms before the oven so the heating phase activates the H202. This results in a high level of decontamination up to Log 6 with minimal residue. This decontamination system has been successfully implemented in many customer plants around the world. The unique, patented process ensures full production sterility and food safety, and the competitive solution ensures process simplicity and flexibility while lowering your total cost of ownership.


Safe and simple aseptic production:

  • High level of decontamination: up to Log 6
  • Aseptic blowing without need for sterilisable blow-moulder
  • 100% dry solution with deployment of same technology to caps with CapdisTM
  • No water usage means no microorganic growth 

Flexible production with maximum uptime:

  • All sensitive beverages filled, high- or low-acidity, including those with pulp
  • Many different bottle formats from 200 mL to 2 L
  • Any bottle shape, round or square, with unlimited lightweighting
  • Continuous aseptic production run of 165 hours
  • High productivity: Up to 2,400 bottles per hour per mould

Cost-efficient and sustainable production:

  • No use of water and almost no chemical use
  • Unlimited bottle lightweighting potential
  • Up to 45% reduction in electricity consumption

Get more information about our Sidel Aseptic Combi Predis.

Give your product a memorable look with Sidel's labelling solutions.

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Maintain product integrity across the supply chain

The Aseptic Combi Sensofill integrates Sidel's blowing and aseptic filling technologies into a single system. With wet bottle decontamination in a minimised footprint, it ensures total bottle sterility without residue while still maintaining efficiency and ease of use.


Safe and easy operation:

  • Controls packaging hygiene: Bottle and cap decontamination up to Log 6
  • Ensures total food safety with no intermediate conveying,
  • Compact and ergonomic, with single-user operation outside of closed equipment 

High performing production:

  • Optimised line layout: Smaller footprint compared to standalone setups
  • Quick changeovers for bottles and caps
  • Maximum continuous production time of 165 hours

Cost-efficient and sustainable:

  • Up to 45% reduction in oven's electrical consumption
  • Reduced physical footprint without requiring air conveyor

Get more information about our Sidel Aseptic Combi Sensofill.

Give your product a memorable look with Sidel's labelling solutions.



After the aseptic filling process, the beverage product moves onto one of its most defining features - the label. Whether you require roll-fed or sleeve labels for your aseptic filled beverages, our labellers can handle any label format and will make sure your product stands out from the crowd.


For roll-fed labels For sleeve labels



Apply roll-fed labels with Sidel Matrix SL70 labeller

This high performance system allows you to apply up to 60,000 roll-fed labels per hour with controlled precision. It also has a unique ability to manage positive and negative spins and any bottle shape and speed. The Sidel Matrix roll-fed labeller SL70 can be installed in a variety of layouts and is easily reconfigurable.

  • Reliable high-speed performance
  • Precise and controlled label handling
  • Changeovers up to 30% faster
  • 40% less maintenance downtime
  • Energy consumption reduced up to 40%

Get more information about our Sidel Matrix SL70 labeller here.


Protect your products with durable and cost-effective packing solutions from Sidel.



Apply sleeve or roll-fed labels with Sidel Rollsleeve labeller

This labeller combines the simplicity of Sidel's consolidated roll-fed technology with an innovative high-speed shrink sleeve process. The result is efficient and high quality labelling with easy flexibility. The accurate and resistant welding is suitable for a wide range of films, materials and thicknesses and long-lasting single rotating cutting blades increase stability and control. 

  • Efficient and high quality labelling
  • No glue or solvents
  • Applies labels with a Machine Direction Orientation (MDO)
  • 50% thinner labels than transversal direction orientation or other MDO roll-fed machines
  • Easy changeovers between different containers, films and layouts

Get more information about our Sidel Rollsleeve labeller here.


Protect your products with durable and cost-effective packing solutions from Sidel.




Once sensitive beverage product has been filled and the bottle has been labelled, the primary package is transferred using Sidel conveyors to its secondary packaging process. The final result is the package the customer sees at the point of sale, so it needs to grab their attention. These packs ensure protection from elements such as weather, pressure and temperature changes.


Whether you choose shrink-printed film, nested packs or wraparound cartons, Sidel packers gently feed bottles to ensure durable and cost-effective packs.



  • Pack consistency and quality
  • Gentle and precise infeed configuration
  • Flexible handling of multiple SKUs
  • Automatic pack and raw material changeovers
  • Heat, glue, carton and film optimisation

Read more about our packing solutions here.


Ensure efficient store and transport with Sidel's smart palletising.




Once your packaged product is ready to continue across the supply chain, efficiency during storage and transport is essential. As bottles and packs vary in format and size, it is important that conveying and palletising handles a variety of products, packs and layer patterns.



  • Conventional palletiser: easy operation, troubleshooting and maintenance; handles up to 3 SKUs simultaneously
  • Robotic palletiser: compact fit with high production speeds and multiple patterns; handles up to 4 SKUs simultaneously

Get more information about our palletising portfolio.


Get the support your Sidel line deserves with our 24/7 services.


Global support with Sidel Services

Optimise performance today and tomorrow

Once your aseptic line's production and efficiency targets are reached, the goal is to maintain and even improve these levels for years to come. With our dedicated Sidel ServicesTM team and our tailored portfolio, you can lower costs and increase the value of your beverage production for long-term success.


Maintain performance

  • Access 24/7 Sidel support and ongoing on-site diagnostic visits
  • Remote/on-site microbiological assistance
  • Ensure line longevity with Sidel's global team of experts
  • Monitor performance, pre-plan downtime and provide fast corrective maintenance 

Improve performance

  • Management of best-production practices, HACCP aseptic cycles, and lab-tech quality control
  • Order Sidel original spare parts from Sidel Services Online for increased uptime and reliability
  • Access more than 500 options and upgrades for every step of production
  • Upgrade with training in new methodologies and procedures
  • Get training on-site, online or at any global Sidel Training Centre 

Adapt production to new demands

  • Continuously adjust for new products, recipes or packaging
  • Use original Sidel moulds for line conversions
  • Experience increased uptime, reduced costs and greater production flexibility

Discover more about our services portfolio here.