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The Sidel Group

A one stop shop for all your packaging needs

Our aim is always to deliver the performance you need to reach your goals. To do that, we must first understand each challenge you face as a producer. We believe the best partnerships are based on continuous communication and our first step is always to establish what makes your business unique:


World: What is your company’s environmental impact? Which megatrends and consumption habits shape your business? 


Market: Which consumer choices and trends do you want to address?



Supply chain: How is your product produced, distributed, sold, consumed and recycled?



Performance needs today: What are your individual performance criteria? What targets do you aspire to reach?


Performance needs over time: How do you expect your products, technology and production to change in the future? How will we accommodate your performance targets over time as they change?


Insights we gain about your operation will enable us to engineer solutions with equipment that performs according to your needs. Next, we apply our extensive technical knowledge and smart data analytics to create value right through your operation:



Achieving the greatest value on your end product requires understanding not only your packaging, but also comprehensive knowledge about package-content interplay and your supply chain conditions from concept to consumer.



To add value to your production, we must understand your production facilities and targets, so we can ensure you receive a solution that will reach those targets today – and tomorrow.



Delivering business value means understanding your financial ambitions and the environment in which you operate. We are dedicated to helping you operate in an environmentally responsible manner without compromising economic performance.


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