Dedicated to PET solutions

By 2030, the demand for beverages will double. While this is a huge opportunity for the beverage industry, it is also a challenge for our planet's limited resources. While packaging is part of the problem, we know it is also part of the solution. At Sidel, we are dedicated to developing the best liquid packaging for the industry, the modern consumer and the planet. The only material to achieve all of these goals - is PET.

PET is renowned worldwide as a strong, lightweight and hygienic barrier that requires fewer resources to produce and transport and keeps beverages fresh, safe and full of flavour. PET material is also 100% recyclable and can virtually eliminate packaging waste.

Sidel was the first to introduce the PET bottle to the beverage industry, and today we continue to innovate PET and its production. For example, our RightWeight™ concept bottle is 70% lighter than 30 years ago. Beyond just the bottle, we have also enhanced production capabilities. Sidel Matrix™, one of our many eco-friendly solutions, has cut power consumption by 45%. Our complete and modular lines that increase output and flexibility while lowering energy-use and TCO. Today, 6 out of every 10 PET bottles are produced using Sidel equipment, and our global experts offer remote and on-site support for our customers worldwide.

By focusing all of our expertise and resources on PET solutions, we remain dedicated to the material that defines Sidel as an industry leader, and the innovations that provide the most efficient, safe and sustainable beverage packaging solutions to the modern world.

PET advantages



Lighter and lighter

Light Weight Trends .jpgThe weight of PET bottles has significantly reduced in the past several decades. This substantial decrease is principally due to technology developements in the areas of PET resin, PET preforms, PET bottle design and PET production equipment. 


For example the weight of a 0.5 litre PET bottle for still water has reduced by 71.6% between 1985 and 2014, following the launch of the Sidel RightWeight™ concept bottle. 




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