The heart of our organisation

People form the heart of our organisation. We recognise the diversity, development and well-being of our people as essential to both society and our sustainable success.


During those years at Sidel, our employees accumulate considerable PET expertise, which enables us to provide sustainable packaging solutions for beverage producers around the world.


Diversity is valuable

We believe the benefits of a diverse workforce are great, as these wide-ranging skills, experiences and opinions stand us in a strong position to successfully solve future challenges. We seek to recognise these differences by building teams that reflect the varied markets and communities in which we operate. The recruitment, training and personal development of all our employees is of prime importance to us.


Our commitments for a sustainable and diverse workforce include:

  • Recruitment and promotion processes that are exclusively based on applicants' qualifications and skills
  • The integration of people with disabilities through our workstation adaptation programme 
  • A policy to extend equal treatment to all employees and to neither positively (unless required by law) or negatively discriminate 
  • No tolerance of any form of harassment



Prioritising health and safety

We aim to ensure that production and business operations are performed as fluidly and safely as possible, without risk of harm. For example, our large manufacturing site in Parma, Italy, has been certified with OHSAS 27384 for Health and Safety Management Systems.


As the following statistics demonstrate, we continually strive to lower work-related accidents and illnesses and thereby reduce absences by carefully following health and safety directives and by adequately training our people.


Absence from work: 

  • Non-work related: 1.7% 
  • Work related: 0.13% 


Accident frequency and severity:

  • Lost Time Accident Frequency index, reflecting the number of accidents with work stoppage: 5.8*
  • Lost Time Accident Severity index, reflecting the number of working days lost due to accidents: 0.16**


Developing people benefits everyone

We aim to ensure everyone at Sidel benefits from professional growth, collectively and individually. That is why we provide several training opportunities to support professional and personal development throughout the year.


In 2014, more women were trained than men, however men were trained more frequently:


People training days_2014

  Trained employees_2014  



Note: Data is for 2014 for Sidel Group including Gebo Cermex, except data related to top management, which is for Sidel only.
* Lost Time Accident Frequency index = (Number of accidents * 1 000 000) / Number of working hours
** Lost Time Accident Severity index = (Number of working days lost * 1 000) / Number of working hours