CSD bottling solutions in PET

The carbonated soft drinks market is changing and PET is coming out on top as the popular packaging format choice.

With increasing population growth and emerging markets, demand among carbonated soft drinks consumers is high.  More and more, these consumers are requesting greater beverage sophistication and variety, as well as healthier drink attributes with less sugar and fewer preservatives. In addition to value for money and a brand they can trust, they appreciate functional drink benefits such as energy drinks. They look for bottle formats that fit their image and lifestyle with shapes and designs that strike their attention.  PET is the answer to what they need and Sidel is the partner to provide this.


The proven possibilities of Sidel Matrix™ come together to provide a better match for carbonated soft drink providers' needs and help maximise earning potential. We combine the benefits of line flexibility, production efficiency, product integrity and reduced consumption to lower the total cost of ownership and optimise operational performance today and for the years to come.

Discover all the proven possibilities for carbonated soft drinks at sidel.com/CSD