They may not have won the cup but the Brazil national football team were definitely sustainability winners at the FIFA World Cup football tournament, which the country hosted earlier this year.

The team lost heavily to Germany in the semi-final of the competition but in every game played, Brazil along with many other participating teams, were wearing kits made from recycled PET, showcasing the sustainable qualities of this great packaging material. In line with the commitment of sportswear manufacturer Nike to superior performance with lower environmental impact, the Brazilian football team's kit at the tournament, including the shirt, shorts and - for the first time in a national team kit - the socks, all featured fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. (100% recycled polyester in the shorts, 96% recycled polyester in the shirt and 78% in the socks.) Each shirt was made using an average of 18 recycled plastic bottles. Well done Brazil, and all the other teams who played in PET, for being sustainability winners! Have you tried playing in PET?


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