Increased sales of bottled water can often be linked to the movement of people from the countryside into urban areas. This is certainly the case in Turkey where sales of bottled water grew by 4% to 11 billion litres in 2012.

This shift from tap water to bottled water reflects the increasing awareness of health and wellness among the population who consider bottled water to be safer than tap water. Turkish water bottler Sude is enjoying this upsurge in bottled water popularity and the increased sales it has generated.


Having worked with Sidel for over seven years, Sude had experienced Sidel's efficient equipment, good services and solutions-oriented approach. So when Sidel suggested that Sude consider upgrading their equipment with an Ecoven, the producer was keen to hear more.

"We are happy with our machine's performance and are always on the lookout for upgrades that help us perform better while saving energy and costs," says Mustafa Demiray, Owner of Sude.


Fewer lamps mean less energy

Sude currently uses a Combi 20 line for still water with a SBO blower. By upgrading the blower and installing an Ecoven that uses fewer lamps for heating, Sude has been able to reduce its energy consumption substantially, which has translated into energy savings of 35%.

The SBO blower offers high output rates, top bottle quality and production reliability, while minimising operating costs. With the Ecoven, Sude can now enjoy the additional benefit of saving energy and increasing their environmental accountability.

The line runs at speeds of 40,000 bph for the 0.33 litre and 0.5 litre bottle formats, and at speeds of 26,000 for the larger 1.5 litre bottles.


About Sude Natural Spring Water

Sude complete line SidelSude's production facilities are located in Inegol County in Bursa City in Turkey. The source of the water is located under an area of pine and beech forests at a height of 1,500 metres above sea level. During most of the year, it is completely covered by snow. The region is known for its granite and quartzite structures, which are the rocks that provide the best tasting water.


Once extracted, the water is filled into bottles by fully automated machinery under the strictest hygienic conditions. This maintains water purity and ensures that the water is untouched by human hands before it reaches the consumer. Furthermore, water quality is analysed daily in factory laboratories and undergoes regular quality controls by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Turkish Regional Health Directorate. With this continual focus on quality and purity, consumers can be certain that Sude bottled water is natural, healthy and great-tasting.


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