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In recent years Sidel has run a comprehensive annual customer survey to help stay ahead of trends and customer needs. This survey gathers responses from almost 1,000 individuals representing beverage manufacturers around the world. As you might expect from such a large and diverse group, the responses span a wide range of topics. There is one trend, however, that is clear across all countries, cultures and companies: the importance of services. When customers invest in a Sidel production line, they need services to support them throughout the lifetime of their investment, and that's the same for customers everywhere - from Albuquerque in the US to Zhangjiagang in China.


More value

The survey responses also reveal the realities of the current business environment, with issues such as increasing regulation, economic volatility and rising raw material prices directly impacting beverage production lines. This means manufacturers have to maintain a continuous focus on increasing production efficiency and reducing waste. At the same time, they need to be flexible enough to keep up with ever-changing consumer demands and increasing rates of innovation. Against this backdrop, the importance of production equipment that can continue to deliver with a reduced total cost of ownership becomes apparent.

Now, following an in-depth analysis of all the customer survey responses, Sidel has reorganised its services operations. The new service offering is designed to help customers add value to their installed Sidel equipment, their products and their bottom line, by achieving a little bit more product quality, efficiency, flexibility, cost optimisation and brand support. From reducing downtime to quick line conversions or designing innovative packaging solutions, Sidel ServicesTMcan help beverage manufacturers and bottlers get more from their investment and lower their total costs of ownership.

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High performance

Examples of the results are as geographically diverse as the customer survey itself. But they speak for themselves: PepsiCo in Germany enjoyed a 19% reduction in energy use at one of its plants while Brazil-based Spaipa experienced a 122% production increase, both following the introduction of Sidel Services initiatives. Tropic, one of Haiti's leading beverage manufacturers, achieved 95% efficiency on two Sidel SBO blowers and energy savings of 35%, while Erikli in Turkey, part of Nestlé Waters, achieved a 36% weight reduction in their preform bottlenecks. These are just a few of the success stories that Sidel Services has produced. You can read more in this INLINE issue.

Sidel's new services organisation, supported by internal changes, is designed around six key areas of expertise: Maintenance, Line Improvement, Training, Spare Parts & Logistics, Line Conversions & Moulds, and Packaging.




A check-up for equipment

With over 30,000 machines installed around the world, performing in vastly different conditions, Sidel engineers have seen the positive effects of regular maintenance - as well as what can happen if maintenance is neglected.

Sidel_services_maintenanceSidel's maintenance services cover both proactive preventative maintenance and reactive maintenance. Preventative maintenance agreements are increasing in popularity and many Sidel customers already enjoy the reliability and peace of mind that this service provides. By minimising unscheduled and expensive downtime while identifying and rectifying any weak points on the line, this type of agreement ensures that a line always functions optimally.


Maintenance also includes a hotline service 24/7 and rapid response teams. In the event of a production issue, a team of experienced production technicians is sent to the customer production site to make repairs straight away. As downtime is costly, this kind of service can make the difference between meeting production targets or an unwelcome budget overrun.

Sidel engineers are also able to make recommendations for how production line assets can be used more productively. Based on world-renowned techniques such as LEAN Manufacturing and Total Productivity Management (TPM), they can analyse a line to reveal all potential efficiency improvements and the resulting savings.


Tropic, one of Haiti's leading beverage manufacturers, achieved 95% efficiency on two Sidel SBO blowers thanks to maintenance support. The producer also achieverd energy savings of 35%. 




Advancing line efficiency

As equipment is such a huge investment for any company, many bottlers are seeking to future-proof their lines and the line improvement service helps them to achieve this. This service extends the line's lifetime by foreseeing issues in advance, improving efficiency and implementing the latest technologies.

Sidel services line improvementFor example, Sidel can remotely compile critical data points from a variety of different sources in order to predict outcomes. This can show likely scenarios and give the production manager the data needed to take performance-enhancing action.

Line audits are designed to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies that stand in the way of performance. Sidel's specialised engineers assess the equipment, layout and surrounding environment in order to suggest improvements that can positively impact productivity, safety, sustainability and cost-efficiency.

Most manufacturers will never consider investing in a new bottling line just because the current line has some inefficiencies. With options and upgrades, these manufacturers can take advantage of new functionalities and technologies at a fraction of the cost of a new line.

Should they decide to invest in a new line, Sidel also offers a second-hand equipment buy-back service so manufacturers can recapture the value of their assets before they become obsolete, or purchase good-as-new refurbished equipment for cost-effective equipment upgrades.


PepsiCo Deutschland reduced energy use by 19% due to eco lamps installed on a Sidel blower. This was part of a line improvement solution that paid for itself in just 12 months. 




People performance

Well-trained employees are critical to the success of any business operation, and bottling is no exception. That's why Sidel offers extensive training services so production staff know exactly what has to be done to ensure that a bottling line performs optimally.

With innovative training centres around the world staffed by professional instructors who know the beverage business inside out, Sidel customers can benefit from courses on the following subjects:

 Sidel Services trainings

  •  Mechanical and electrical production processes
  • Operations
  • General maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Complete line efficiency



Sidel's training catalogue has been designed to suit all customer requirements and includes 400 programmes offered in different languages. Furthermore, to meet the demands of combining work and study, these courses are offered in both online and in-person formats. Programmes can also be tailored to meet the individual requirements of a business or job type.

The Sidel training service also covers competence audits. These audits assess a team's skills to reveal performance levels and any training requirements. This is often followed by training and a follow-up assessment so Sidel customers can be sure that the team has achieved their training goals.


Brazil-based Spaipa. a leading  Coca-Cola franchise, boosted production capacity by 122%. This was achieved following the installation of a new Sidel Combi line supported by a complete training programme  for the company's on-site staff. 




Planned parts replacement and speedy delivery

Sidel has invested heavily in overhauling its entire spare parts logistics network so customers can benefit from the delivery service that best suits their needs. Using distribution centres and the latest logistics technology around the world, Sidel has introduced three types of delivery:


Priority 1: Emergency

This service delivers stock parts within 24-48 hours and within five days for non-stock parts


Priority 2: Stock replenishment

This service delivers within two to five weeks for parts that are not needed immediately


Priority 3: Planned maintenance

For delivery of parts within six to eight weeks


All spare parts are designed, tested and approved by Sidel and identical to those used on Sidel machines. By using parts of the same quality, Sidel customers can be sure their lines will continue to function optimally. Strategically critical parts are always available so that regardless of the type of equipment, customers will be able to make repairs.


Coca-Cola Romania received critical spare parts within 23 hours in April 2013 after making use of Sidel's emergency delivery service. In the same month, PepsiCo India received emergency parts in just 40 hours, a service that was much appreciated.




Versatility across the line with speed and safety foremost

Sidel services mouldsUsually beverage manufacturers have one of three reasons for converting their lines: the introduction of new liquids, a change in primary packaging or a change in secondary packaging. A line conversion is more cost-efficient than new equipment, and gives manufacturers the flexibility needed to keep pace with industry demands.

Sidel offers fast and efficient line conversions using original Sidel package-dependent parts. This means that the resulting new line offers the same or better quality and remains fully compliant with all hygiene and safety standards.

In addition to conversions, Sidel also offers original moulds. In 2013, over 24,000 of these were delivered to new customers. These moulds are engineered to the most demanding production speeds and tested to protect products and brands. Available in high-quality aluminium or stainless steel, they can be adapted to all generations of Sidel blow moulders, offering great freedom of shape, as well as quick and easy changeovers.


Erikli in Turkey, part of Nestle waters, achieved a 36% weight reduction in their preform bottlenecks. Following a complete line conversion and mould solution,  Erikli was able to realise the full potential of their production line. 



Increasing product safety and saving resources

Packaging is one of the main drivers of brand awareness in the beverage industry. The bottle engages with consumers on a variety of sensory levels and has to communicate and connect with the consumer.

Sidel services packagingAt the same time as supporting the brand, the bottle also has to support production line efficiency. This is where many manufacturers are realising the great freedom of shape offered by PET. PET enables lighter bottles, and as raw materials alone account for 70-80% of a bottle's costs, this can mean substantial savings. More importantly, using less raw material reduces environmental impact and a lighter bottle reduces the carbon footprint of transportation.

However, the traditional lightweighting approach of reducing packaging weight also affects packaging rigidity if designed incorrectly. This is where Sidel's new RightWeighting concept comes in. This ensures that bottle design hits the sweet spot between lightness and solidity so consumers enjoy a premium feel while manufacturers save valuable resources.

Sidel engineers are also experts in packaging qualification. Using feasibility studies, they calculate bottle stability, rigidity and quality needed for industrial production. They also work with liquid packaging interaction experts to perform laboratory tests under real supply chain conditions to determine the effects of light, oxygen and temperature on bottle design. By doing so, manufacturers can be certain that the final bottle can withstand production conditions and reach the consumer in prime condition. 

Regardless of the bottle or beverage type, the Sidel design team is able to produce technical and preform designs, pilot moulds and prototypes and turn a design into a brand that stands out on the shelf.




Sidel is investing heavily in making a difference to the millions of individuals around the world who rely on the performance of their equipment. Two examples are the new spare parts logistics and technical support initiatives that are rolling out globally in 2014. With these Sidel customers will have better access to the people and parts they need so they can quickly turn costly downtime back into productive uptime.



Improved global logistics network including a new warehouse management system that enables three levels of delivery service, from emergency delivery within 48 hours to planned maintenance deliveries within eight weeks of the order.



Faster responses to urgent issues through a new ticketing system that places customers in immediate contact with Sidel experts.


These new services are being rolled out globally in 2014, and may therefore currently only be available in selected areas.

SIDEL'S RIGHTWEIGHT 0.5 LITRE BOTTLE WEIGHS JUST 7.95 GRAMS, 34% less than the average still water bottle. This results in raw material cost savings of up to EUR 1.75 million annually, according to Sidel data. The bottle has been tested under real-life production conditions and offers consumers a superior experience.


In the fast-paced beverage industry, production equipment needs to continue performing optimally - regardless of the product that comes off the end of the line.



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