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Sidel’s ECO lamps create energy savings for PepsiCo Germany

Save resources, save energy and save money − all without investing in new equipment. It might sound too good to be true but that is exactly what the Sidel Options & Upgrades team achieves for customers every day.

Effective solutions that don't drive up costs 

One of the customers who has seen the benefits of these options and upgrades is beverage company, PepsiCo Germany. Highly conscious of its responsibility to protect the earth's natural resources, it operates with a clear sustainability profile stating its ambitions to save energy and reduce environmental impact. Working with Sidel, they found ways to improve the efficiency of their existing equipment while reducing production resources,energy consumption − and not least costs.

A shared commitment

Sidel's options and upgrades for customer's lines are designed to bring the benefits of the latest packaging technology at the lowest investment cost. Options add new functionality while upgrades consist of making improvements to existing functionality by leveraging technological advancements. Having worked with PepsiCo for over a decade in Germany, Sidel understands the company's needs and shares its commitment to finding solutions that can lead to greater sustainability.

The relationship between PepsiCo Germany and Sidel started in 2001 when the first bottling equipment was installed in Rodgau near Frankfurt am Main. It was a Sidel SBO 18 series 2 for 1.5 and 2 litre bottles for carbonated soft drinks.

Air recycling system

In 2008, the first upgrade was introduced and the blower was updated with an air-recycling system. This reduced air blowing pressure and reduced the consumption of air needed. To avoid expensive downtime, this adjustment was carried out as part of a refitting process. Once the line was up and running again, the upgrade reduced air consumption for blowing by 16%. Following this success, over the next few years Sidel and PepsiCo continued to look at ways to optimise the equipment and fulfil the PepsiCo strategy. In 2010-2011 they worked to reduce packaging weight. Bottles were initially blown at a bar blowing pressure of 36. By improving this process, Sidel could reduce the blowing pressure to 28/30 bars without compromising bottle performance. Once again this small innovation was another step towards greater sustainability.

"Pepsico Germany was looking for effective solutions that would contribute to their sustainability vision without compromising performance or driving up costs."

Eco lamps ensure savings

The next step was to look at the energy used in the blow molder. In a typical line, preform heating lamps account for 90-95% of energy this equipment uses. In other words, this was an area with clear potential for greater energy efficiency. In 2012 PepsiCo had been looking at Eco Lamps that could offer significant energy savings. However, before they committed to an investment they needed a formal guarantee that the new lamps would save 15% energy. But once the Sidel lamps were installed, this guarantee proved conservative as the actual savings reached 19%.

Luc Desoutter, Sustainability Officer, at Sidel has seen the value of these lamps in action for many customers, "Eco Lamps provide an effective, easyto-install solution that addresses both energy and environmental concerns. They are ideal for customers seeking simple, effective solutions to reduce their energy consumption."

Simply better business

By understanding the customer's strategy and providing support through environmentally-friendly options and upgrades, Sidel has been instrumental in reducing PepsiCo's energy consumption and costs. Since the first upgrade was installed, PepsiCo has reduced energy by 19% and costs by 16%. And equally important, these savings were achieved without significant long-term investment. In fact, the Return On Investment took just 12 months.

PepsiCo are ahead of the game in providing the environmentally-friendly beverages German consumers demand. And through their strong energy-saving programme and ongoing partnership with Sidel they continue to lead the way in environmentally-friendly production that meets market demands and their own strategic objectives.


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