As a beverage producer on the island of Haiti, you need to be sure that your production equipment continues to perform reliably.

That`s why when Tropic S.A., one of Haiti's leading beverage manufacturers, invested in new blow moulders to meet production demand, they also took out a maintenance contract from Sidel Services™ to ensure regular expert support.


With plants in two locations and increasingly popular beverage products, Tropic S.A. in Haiti needed new blow moulders that could give them the flexibility they needed to manage the peaks and troughs their production regularly faced.


Tropic was using five SBO2F blowers and was keenly aware of the reliability and efficiency that Sidel equipment could offer them. However, by talking to Sidel they realised that they could improve maintenance and increase production efficiency by switching to just two pieces of equipment: an SBO4 Compact and an SBO6U2 eco. With these two machines, they could cater for increased production of their entire range of water, energy drinks and carbonated soft drinks and reduce costs at the same time. Now installed, the two new machines run at 95% efficiency and give Tropic the flexibility and performance they need to stay ahead of production demand.


Better production, more savings

In addition to improved production efficiency, the Ecoven of the SBO6U2 eco with its optimised configuration has given Tropic considerable savings on their energy bill. By requiring fewer lamps per module as well as fewer heating modules, this has translated into energy savings of 35%, a considerable saving in Haiti where energy costs are high.



To keep the new equipment running at the right performance level, Tropic also decided to take out a maintenance contract from Sidel Services. This maintenance contract ensures regular servicing by Sidel technicians so that Tropic can take action before any problems arise and avoid costly breakdowns. It also covers training of Tropic's own personnel on preventative maintenance topics. This makes Tropic less dependent on external specialists - who can often be hard to find when you need them most.




Tropic was the one of the first bottlers to use PET in Haiti. In 1996, they introduced Aquafine purified water in five-gallon jugs and 20-ounce PET bottles. Two years later they moved into producing carbonated soft drinks in PET. Today Tropic bottles eight different brands that include energy drinks, water and carbonated soft drinks, which are sold in Haiti and surrounding countries. The company prides itself on respecting all international manufacturing standards and using cutting edge production equipment to produce the finest drinks for its consumers.


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