Hariss International embraces PET

The right equipment, strong relationships and high levels of service. These are just some of the reasons why Hariss International chose to work with Sidel, and local agent SBA, on their new PET line.

A new line for carbonated drinks and juices

Founded in 2005, Hariss International is one of Uganda's leading manufacturers of biscuits, still drinks and mineral water for the domestic market. Its food and beverage products are sold under the brand name Riham - a name that is synonymous with products of the highest quality due to the company's use of the most modern processing, filling and packing equipment.

Exploiting the PET potential

Having already experienced the value of PET from their water products, Hariss International wanted to capitalise on this success and create a new PET line for their Riham brand of carbonatedsoft drinks and juice products. In 2011 the company started exploring  different production options for a flexible  new line that could manage these  different categories in a variety of bottle  sizes.

"When Hariss decided to go for a CSD line, the Chairman of the company  and the Technical Manager travelled  all over the world to look at tangible  projects and saw Sidel as a reliable supplier,"  says Ruben Andrews, CEO  Hariss International Ltd.

The value of partnership

"We decided to work with Sidel on this project because of their open, transparent  and regular communications regarding  the project. They passed on their  technical knowledge to the Hariss team,  so they could understand the solution  in-depth," says Ruben Andrews. 
Together Hariss International and Sidel  looked at potential lines before deciding  on the PET Combi line. This could  meet the demands for two shifts a day,  six days a week for around 50 weeks a  year. But operating in a projected highgrowth  market like Uganda, they also needed to anticipate future capacity  requirements. Ruben Andrews continues,  "We started looking at 8,000 bottles  an hour but were persuaded to go with  16,000 bottles per hour."

Ensuring uptime

While the right equipment and strong relationships were clearly important in  deciding to work with Sidel, servicing  and operations were also part of the  decision-making process. As a leading  beverage producer, Hariss International  was well aware of the effect of downtime on production, and ultimately  profitability. So the opening of Sidel's  long-term service partner SBA in neighbouring  Kenya earlier this year brought  maintenance services even closer.

With over 70 employees and offices throughout the African and Middle  East markets, Sidel, by partnering with  SBA, provides service, spare parts,  sales support training and audits at local  level. In short, SBA is the hands-on  link between Sidel and customers with  the necessary experience to keep  equipment running smoothly and production  levels high.

Extensive operational experience

"When we started working with Sidel back in 1999, there was no PET in  West and East Africa. During our 14  years of collaboration we have developed  the market to become one of the  leaders on the African continent. This  represents our aim to deliver a much  higher standard of quality of service and  support to our existing and potential  customers," says Claude Bosson, CEO  of SBA.

The new Sidel line was delivered to Hariss International at the start of  2012 and commissioned at the start of  2013. Producing 16,000 bottles hourly,  the Hariss team are already delighted  with the results, as well as with their  partnership with Sidel and SBA.

High-value project

"We would like to express our gratitude to Sidel and the SBA Kenya team for  their great and valued inputs towards  running this project from day one. SBA  played a major role in making this project  a success," says Ruben Andrews.


Sidel and SBA - Making global local

Established in 1995, SBa works with Sidel to offer customers in africa sales support, training, service, spare parts and audits at local levels. The company now has 70 employees and offices in nigeria, Kenya, the ivory coast and congo, along with subsidiary operations in the Democratic Republic of the congo, cameroon and angola. Sidel has worked with SBa since 1999 and strongly believes in the strategy of providing global experience backed by local sales and support close to customers.

Cola - The drink of choice for ugandans

In spite of an increase in sales of soft drinks in the sports drink and juice categories, cola remains the most popular beverage for Ugandans.


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