First hot-fill line with slurry dosing in Kazakhstan and Central Asia to meet consumer demand for healthy products and improve their leadership position within this fast-growing drinks segment.

Just like many other parts of the world, consumers in Kazakhstan are embracing the current trend for healthy living. As they turn their backs on traditional carbonated soft drinks, sales of healthier options, such as hotfilled tea, juices and drinks with fruit pieces, are booming.


This beverage market segment is well known by Galanz Bottlers, one of the biggest soft drink producers in Kazakhstan and Central Asia and an absolute leader in the tea category.


Confidence in Sidel hot filling

Nestle has also been enjoying the impact of these changing consumer preferences and has seen sales of Nestea increase dramatically in the region. In 2012, Galanz Bottlers won the Nestle contract for bottling hotfill Nestea in Kazakhstan. With this new contract, Galanz Bottlers needed to expand production and rethink their production processes.


"We didn't have enough capacity for this production so we turned to Sidel," says owner of Galanz Bottlers, Tursengali Alaguzov. Galanz Bottlers already knew Sidel as they used a Sidel line for PET and glass, and had several pieces of stand-alone equipment. Together Sidel and Galanz Bottlers started exploring the best and most efficient ways to increase capacity.


Sidel drew on their 40 years of experience with hot fillers and proposed a production line with an SBO14 Universal2eco HR (Heat Resistance) blower and their most high-tech filling system, the Sidel Matrix Hot Filler. Combined this would allow Galanz Bottlers to work with lightweighting and also give them the flexibility needed to handle their different formats.


Lightweighting saves an estimated USD 1.4 million

Today Galanz Bottlers is the first company in Kazakhstan to convert its PET Heat Resistant (HR) bottles production to short neck and to redesign the bottle shape. This conversion and bottle redesign have saved the company five grams per bottle for the 0.5 litre format and around ten grams for the 1.2 litre format. According to the bottler's own calculations, using these lighter preforms will save around 700 tonnes of material - or the equivalent of USD 1.4 million annually.


Food safety and production flexibility

Working with fruit pieces and pulps in drinks for leading consumer brands, such as Nestea, meant Galanz Bottlers had to meet the highest standards of hygiene using equipment that could deliver uncompromising quality and food safety. The design of the Sidel Matrix Hot Filler gave them complete peace of mind. Its contactless filling valves are never in contact with the bottle, which removes any risk of cross contamination.


The Sidel Matrix Hot Filler has an integrated slurry dosing (ISD) system that lets it bottle a variety of drinks with pulps, fibres, sacs, fruit pieces and Aloe Vera. It also has the versatility needed to handle six different formats of between 0.45 litres and 1.2 litres with neck sizes of 28 mm and 38 mm, and at speeds of up to 24,000 bottles per hour.


Kazakhstan's first hot filler with slurry dosing system

The line operates with two modes: It can bottle and fill non-carbonated drinks, such as teas and isotonic beverages without fruit pieces, and it can also fill drinks with pulps and pieces. With the slurry dosing (ISD) system for drinks with pulps and fruit pieces, the filling is carried out in two stages. Firstly, the fruit pieces are added and then the liquid is filled into the bottle. This is done with pistons that manage dual stream dosing and ensure an accurate and steady dosing of pulp or fruit pieces into the liquid.


During production, the correct flow rate can be controlled from the tank to the filling valve without stressing the product during the filling process. The filling valve is subjected to constant pressure, which leads to high distribution accuracy in the process.


 T_Alaguzov_Galanz_BottlersTursengali Alaguzov is highly appreciative of the extra support provided by Sidel during the project implementation process, "The staff were very reactive and we received answers to our questions on the same day. I would especially like to thank the Sidel technicians who were communicative and reactive during the line installation and set up. We often had the feeling that they were installing the line personally for themselves."




Since it was founded in 1998, Galanz Bottlers has become one of Kazakhstan's leading bottlers. With brands such as MAXI Tea, it is the undisputed leader in the category of iced tea. From tea production, the company has moved into energy drinks and carbonated drinks. The secret of the company's success is simple - to maintain the high quality of products through strict control at all stages of production and to expand the portfolio to best meet the needs of clients and their customers.



"Maxi tea" iced tea

"Nestea" iced tea

"Sevens" drinking water

"Torpeda" energy drink

"Funky" lemonade

"Birch Juice" juice

"Dellos" juice-containing drinks

"LaimonFresh" carbonated drink

"Pervokvas" brew

"Almatinskiy tea" granulated tea



"This conversion and bottle redesign have saved the company five grams per bottle for the 0.5 litre format and around ten grams for the 1.2 litre format - or the equivalent of USD 1.4 million annually."



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