Western Container Corporation, the premier manufacturer of PET containers for the Coca-Cola bottling system in the US, has extended its maintenance provision with Sidel Services.

This recognises the significant added value it provides to its production processes. Or as Steve Gonzales, Plant Production Manager, succinctly puts it "I was able to stay on track with my plant maintenance and we could all sleep better at night".


Sidel and Western Containers have enjoyed a close working relationship over the last 30 years. The new maintenance agreement, which covers the plant on Distribution Boulevard, Houston, is a continuation of a previous Sidel agreement covering spare parts, field services and maintenance of two Sidel SBO 34 blowers at the plant. This ran over a three-year period and was renewed and extended in January 2014 to cover a third Sidel SBO30 blower in the same plant. 

Steve Gonzales, Western Containers' Plant Production Manager at Houston explains, "The initial maintenance agreement with Sidel was a great help in so many ways. Apart from the obvious benefits of expert and timely maintenance, it helped amortise the costs over the whole three years. This made budgeting far easier and, as a result of the agreement with Sidel, there were no sudden, unexpected additions to our overheads."


Smooth budgeting, less downtime

spare_parts_measurementSteve Gonzales continues, "We know that if we had not had this maintenance agreement in place, we would have seen our efficiency drop. Before it was in place, we would be scrambling around, waiting for parts. Once it was, our efficiency went up and our scrap rate went down. Bottle quality also improved tremendously, and we were able to re-allocate our team to other areas in order to improve overall line efficiency."

"It helped the whole plant. It even minimized our changeover times. We would always receive orders for parts on time and in full, meaning there was no need for multiple orders. We also reduced shipping costs because we were making fewer parts shipments thanks to ordered planning."


Reliable and flexible

The Sidel Services™ maintenance agreements are designed for preventive maintenance, thereby minimising downtime and optimising overall equipment effectiveness.

"There are obvious cost benefits in locking the pricing of maintenance three years in advance. However, the real beauty of the Sidel agreement is that you can customise it any way you want. We believe the equipment will last longer and, as a result, we plan to use Sidel original spare parts 100%," he says.


Premier manufacturer of PET bottles for Coca-Cola

The high-performance company was originally set up by a group of Coca-Cola bottlers in 1979 in response to the long-term need for a reliable source of high-quality, low-cost plastic bottles and a central distribution point. The packaging company is dedicated to maximising value and committed to providing lowest cost with the highest quality and service along with assurance of supply for its shareholders, the Coca-Cola bottlers. Its first site in Big Spring opened in Texas in 1980 and a second was established in Houston in 1984. The Corporation boasts five manufacturing plants producing bottles for carbonated soft drinks and water. In 2013 it produced 5.8 billion units.



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