50% drop in blowing pressure for US Coca-Cola bottler

Coca-Cola Refreshments

As an operating unit of Coca-Cola Refreshments, Midwest Coca-Cola is always looking to improve production efficiency and minimise costs. To help them achieve this goal, they turned to Sidel and the ECO Booster™ service. This service has reduced the blowing pressure on their lines by almost 50%, saving both energy and costs.

The ECO Booster service measures and analyses the consumption of all utilities used in production, such as air, water, electricity and carbon dioxide. This can be done on the individual machines, lines, production zones or even the entire plant.

Focus on energy savings

Midwest Coca-Cola used this service on four of their blow moulding machines. On busy production lines, the blow moulder is usually the main cause of energy consumption, often accounting for as much as 70% of overall energy consumption. The Sidel team carefully measured and analysed on-site production conditions including the use of electricity and air pressure. Based on the findings of these and other tests, Sidel outlined the changes Midwest Coca-Cola needed to make in order to increase line efficiency and realise cost savings.


Impressive results

Midwest Coca-Cola then adapted their four SBO14/14 blow moulding machines. By reducing pressure in the blowing ovens, electricity consumption was cut significantly. Across ten different bottle formats, the average reduction in blowing pressure was 45.9% (the lowest being 19.4% and the highest 50.7%). This has reduced energy consumption by an average of 22.3%.

Maintenance Manager at Midwest Coca-Cola Jim Tierney comments, "Having the Sidel experts work with our own guys to adapt our equipment brought peace of mind that the intervention would be quick and easy, and ultimately lead to a short return to production and faster return on investment … Reduced resource use means reduced costs, which is a sustainability win-win for us."

Sidel services

The ECO BoosterTM service is part of Sidel's Line Improvement Services. This is one of six service areas, along with Maintenance, Training, Spare Parts & Logistics, Line Conversions & Moulds and Packaging, that help businesses get more out of their installed equipment. 

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