B.L. Agro invests significantly in PET packaging for its edible oils

First complete line for edible oils in India

India's largest producer of mustard oil, B.L. Agro Oils, is standing out from its competitors in the market by deploying safe and convenient PET packaging for its edible oil.

While many companies in India are packaging their edible oil in pouches, B.L. Agro Oils chose PET because of its ability to maintain product integrity and stand out on the shelves, as well as provide cost and environmental benefits in the production and supply process. 


A safe option with the same great taste

The decision to move to PET packaging was also influenced by PET's excellent safety features. PET has been safely used as a packaging material for beverages for over 30 years, and it is fully approved by all official food safety organisations.

"We knew of Sidel's excellent reputation in liquid packaging so it was natural for us to speak to them when we decided to develop our capabilities in bottling our edible oil in PET," says Ashish Khandelwal, Executive Director at B.L. Agro Oils.

As part of the packaging development process, Sidel's in-house scientists performed a liquid-package interaction analysis on the PET and the oil of B.L. Agro Oils to test how they perform together by simulating environmental conditions in the supply chain. Factors such as viscosity, density and surface tension were all considered, as well as the effect that the filling temperature has regarding variation of the volume of the oils.

Faster speeds with lighter PET bottles

To deliver the PET packaging, B. L. Agro Oils decided to invest in the Sidel Combi line, which combines blow moulding, filling and capping in a single integrated system. The Combi's efficiency allows production speeds of up to 24,000 bottles per hour - 120% faster than B.L. Agro Oils' existing lines.  


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Other benefits of the Sidel Combi include:

  • Optimised line layout with a smaller footprint
  • Fast format changeovers
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Savings in labour, raw materials and spare parts 

Furthermore, the Combi is not bound by the limitations imposed by air conveyors because of the neck-handling and positive transfer of bottles between blow moulding and filling. This increases B.L. Agro Oils' opportunities for creating different bottle shapes and lightweighting. They have been able to achieve significant weight savings on all the bottles produced so far, up to 20% depending on the formats.  


About B.L. Agro Oils

Based in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh in India, B.L. Agro Oils is the fastest growing edible oil producer in India, producing more than 50% of India's total production of mustard oil - over 250,000 metric tonnes per year.