Sidel Zywiec Zdroj Danone Poland Bottle Group

Significant savings for Polish water bottler

Żywiec Zdrój recently turned to Sidel to help in switching production to bottles with shorter necks, after learning of the benefits that had been yielded by similar producers using the technology.

Right choice for a shorter neck

In order to maintain its edge in a highly competitive market, boost efficiency, achieve savings and reduce its carbon footprint, Żywiec Zdrój decided that Sidel would best suit its needs for quality, reactivity and the support  required during the conversion process. The order was for two lines at the northern plant in Miroslawiec, Poland, and Sidel promised close collaboration and only four days stoppage for each line  during the changeover.


Sidel Zywiec Zdroj Danone Poland 3 bottlesPoland's leading brand

Żywiec Zdrój has nearly 22% volume share of the market and is the leading brand of bottled water in Poland. The company operates three factories and sells approximately 1.2 billion litres of water every year. It is a subsidiary of Groupe Danone, the French multinational corporation based in Paris. The Group owns several internationally famous brands including Evian, Aqua, Volvic, Badoit and many more.


Sidel Zywiec Zdroj Danone Poland Single BottleTechnical expertise with genuine support

For the Polish water producer, conversion of the two lines meant changing the 1810 closure on the 21mm high necks being produced by the production lines at the time, to a 1881 closure on a 17mm lightweight neck and preform.  Various technical modifications to the existing equipment were required.  One such change was the equipping of the blow moulder with transfer grippers and an arm-head kit, along with an upper guide and change-spindle noses. The changes on operation of the two lines covered the possible production of bottles of various sizes for both sparkling and still water, including 0.5, 1.5 and 1.75L formats. Conversion of the equipment was followed by in-house training for the company's technicians. After only a few months, Żywiec Zdrój expressed its satisfaction to Sidel, as well as reporting a noticeable decrease in annual PET consumption which translates into economic savings for the company and a reduction in carbon emissions for the environment.


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