Dummy lamps combine performance and sustainability for Vöslauer

Technology applied to blowers at Austrian mineral water company brings ROI in only 18 months and energy savings of up to 15%

Sustainability promise

Three years after opening their bottling centre, mineral water company Vöslauer AG introduced the light 1.5L PET bottle to the Austrian market.  Seven years later, Vöslauer introduced further innovations: an ultra-light, 9-bottle crate; easy screw caps and the specially designed 'comfort' carrier handle.  Living up to its promise for sustainability, combined with a search for cost effectiveness, Vöslauer recently selected Sidel's dummy lamps to be fitted on a SBO18 Series2 machine.


Energy and environmental solutions

The SBO18 Series2 machine produces 1.5L bottles for carbonated and still water as well as 0.5L multi-coloured bottles for carbonated water with different flavours.  The annual output of the production line reaches 170 millions bottles.  Sidel's dummy lamps can generate energy savings up to 15% and they also bring many other benefits.  Due to the optimised heating process of the preforms, Sidel's dummy lamps enable better process stability and ultimately an optimised production output.  Vöslauer's choice to rely on one of Sidel's ECO solutions shows that ecology and sustainability is a match that makes good business sense. 


  • Fitting of dummy lamps onto a Sidel SBO18 Series2 machine
  • Energy savings of up to 15%
  • Better process stability - especially in the case of multi-coloured bottles
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Ultimately optimised production output

Eco-friendly lamps installedSidel_Voslauer_Austria_Dummy_Lamps

With more than 7,000 economical and eco-friendly ECO Lamps installed since their launch, these simple solutions have met customers' expectations to reduce energy consumption. Now available on both SBO Series1 blowers and Series2 blowers, these eco-friendly lamps can generate savings of up to 15%. With any industrial activity, there is the need to reconcile economical performance with environmental concerns. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is part of the process.

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