High-speed Combi for Uludag Icecek

Sidel to increase production capacity at Turkish soft-drinks and water bottler Uludag Icecek

Confidence in Sidel

Producing a diverse range of products for both the domestic market and for export to Europe, America, Africa and Australia, Uludag Icecek made the decision to invest in new equipment in order to meet growing demand. Already equipped with a Sidel blow moulder and fillers, Uludag Icecek once again placed its confidence in Sidel by ordering a high-speed Combi 20 and a mixer to increase capacity at two of its plants.


A variety of products

The company's soft drinks and still fruit drinks are produced in a 40,000m2 facility in the city of Bursa and the mineral water plant is based at the skirts of the Uludag Mountain. A family-owned company that produces a variety of fruit drinks in glass, metal and PET as well as mineral water, Uludag Icecek produces 18 different products in 5 different categories at its two facilities. One of the company's most successful products is Limonata, a still lemon drink which made 50million litres in sales and became the leader of its category



The application of the equipment is varied due to the range of products manufactured by Uludag Icecek: carbonated soft drinks, flavoured sparkling mineral water and still lemon, pomegranate and mandarin drinks. Using a junction table, the new Combi line was integrated into a glass bottling line in order to be able to modulate production. These drinks are available in multiple formats from 250ML, 330ML, 500ML and 1L with outputs ranging from 27,400 to 40,000 bph. The company is looking to continue to improve production flexibility, with ongoing machinery improvements  and additions from Sidel.