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Haitian bottler achieves 35% energy savings

The leading beverage manufacturer in Haiti saves energy with two blow moulders from Sidel and takes out contract with Sidel Services™ to maintain optimum productivity

Reduced energy use

The company, which operates plants in two locations, was previously using five Sidel SBO2F blowers.  It experiences peaks and troughs in production and therefore recognised the need for greater flexibility.  By talking to Sidel, the company achieved it with just two Sidel blowers, including an SBO 6 Universal2eco, backed by amaintenance contract.  It also achieved the improved production efficiency, maintenance and cost reductions the company was seeking.


Running at 95% efficiency

Tropics, Haiti Sidel bottlesThe investment in two new energy-efficient blow moulders from Sidel also brought significant production improvements.  Replacing five existing blowers with just two achieved cost and space reductions while still catering for the increased productionof the company's entire range of water, energy and carbonated soft drinks.  The new equipment is running at 95% efficiency, backed by a maintenance contract from Sidel Services™ to ensure that the reliability and efficiencies continue to meet demand.


Sidel expertiseHighlights

  • Energy savings of 35% in high cost region
  • New equipment running at 95% efficiency
  • Significant production improvements
  • Cost and space reductions
  • Increased production of company range
  • 2 Sidel blowers, including SBO 6 Universal2eco
  • Backed by maintenance contract


35% savings in energy consumption

In addition to improved production efficiency, the Ecoven of the SBO 6 Universal2eco with its optimised configuration has achieved significant savings in energy.  By requiring fewer lamps per module, as well as fewer heating modules, the Ecoven has brought about a 35% reduction in energy use, which is a considerable saving in Haiti where energy costs are high.  To keep the new equipment running at the right performance level, Tropic also decided to take out a maintenance contract from Sidel Services.




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