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Sidel training proves key in new greenfield project in Myanmar

Customised programmes created by the Sidel Services™ team enable quick start-up and sustainable production at new facility in Myanmar

Innovative training to meet specific challenges

A brand new beverage production facility built on a greenfield site in Myanmar has demonstrated the importance of training in achieving fast and effective line start-up. Key to the project was an innovativeGreenfield Competence Development Programme created by the Sidel Services™ business unit.


73 days' training delivered by Sidel trainers over 12 months
Sidel complete line

Sidel's participation in the Myanmar training process began with the recruitment of employees for technical and operational roles, for which the company provided practical and theoretical questionnaires in the search for candidates.

In all, 73 days of training were given by Sidel to ensure the required level of competence was met. At each end of the training sessions, the competence of every trainee was assessed by the Sidel Services team. Training was then adapted to the level reached by the group as a whole.



  • Myanmar - Sidel equipmentSidel delivers 73 days' training to achieve quick start-up for challenging project
  • Big expansion of local production via accelerated timeline
  • Complete line installed in only 17 weeks
  • Output of 45,000 bph for single-serve and 36,000 bph for multi-serve products


Quick vertical start-up

The project demonstrated how the approach of Sidel's Greenfield Competence Development Audit can be customised to meet the individual demands of different beverage producers, with the audit being described as "a benchmark in the industry".

The new facility includes a Sidel SBO20 blower, a Sidel Matrix™ filler SF 300 FM, a Sidel Matrix Combi and a Sidel Rollquattro Evolution labeller



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