Rapid growth and advanced technology

Vietnamese group THP celebrates fifteen years of innovation and investment

Technology and growth

THP has always made major investments in the most advanced technology and this is a contributing factor to THP's fifteen years of successful growth. Examples of this investment are aseptic lines from Sidel and quality control systems (ISO 14001:2004, ISO 9001:2004 and HACCP).  


Award for innovation

THP has always been at the forefront of technology and is a main player in Vietnamese beverage development  with the launch of Zero-Degree Green Tea in PET. On the basis of its considerable beverage production and marketing experience, THP has taken a step forward by adding Bally Tam and Dr. Thanh Herbal Tea to its existing product portfolio. Furthermore THP has received the World Intellectual Property Organization award for Innovation.


International potential

The current portfolio includes Number One Soya Bean, Juice, Fruit Tea, Active, Ben Thanh Beer and Wintermelon. The Number One brand in particular has an enormous market potential. According to world renowned marketer Philip Hotler the product is of "international standard". In the future, THP is looking to reach its goal of becoming the leading Asian group across three of its main industries: beverages, instant food and plastic packaging.