Tannourine Lebanon bottles top

Increased capacity of 31,500 bph for Lebanese water bottler

Sidel Matrix™ Combi increases production capacity and Sidel’s StarLite™ base reduces energy consumption

Leading position

After installing a Sidel Matrix Combi line, Tannourine Water now has a much increased production capacity of 31,500 bottles per hour.  The company was also able to improve their current bottle design by integrating the patented Sidel StarLite™ water base.  One of Lebanon's leading bottlers and distributors of pure and natural mineral water, Tannourine Water sells around 150 million litres of water per year.


StarLite base improves efficiency

Sidel's StarLite water base will further help the Lebanese bottler save energy consumption during blowing and reduce the amount of PET needed, while still retaining a great performing bottle and consumer experience. Sidel's StarLite base increases durability, stability and overall resistance of the bottles.  The base was designed by Sidel's packaging team and made available to producers worldwide.  A similar base is also available for carbonated soft drinks, offering the same advantages.



  • Output capacity of 31,500 bottles per hour
  • Sidel Matrix™ Combi improves efficiency
  • StarLite base improves bottle design
  • Increases durability, stability and overall resistance of bottles
  • Saves energy during the blowing phase
  • Reduces amount of PET material needed


Helping achieve operational excellence

Georges Makhoul, General Manager of Tannourine Water says: "We are confident that the Sidel Matrix Combi line will help us meet our objectives in the market and achieve operational excellence - as the criteria we followed to make our decision included capital cost, maintenance and running costs,technical capabilitiesandafter-sales support."

Regional Commercial Manager of Sidel in Lebanon, Karel Brussen says: "Equipped with the latest proven technologies, our Sidel Matrix Combi system offers a higher level of performance, greater efficiency and improved uptime." 


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