Sidel Spumador Italy Bottles

Fifth aseptic bottling line for Italian producer

Spumador pursues its development strategies with the start-up of a fifth aseptic bottling line, offering 40% water savings

Flexible output

A new Sidel Sensofill™ FMa aseptic line is now in operation at one of the group's manufacturing facilities, the plant at Sant'Andrea Bagni.  The new line has an output of up to 24,000bph for seven different formats  ranging from 100ml to 2L.  Among the key features is the possibility of making single-layer or multilayer PET bottles with barrier coating, roll-fed or full-body sleeve labels, flat or sport closure caps, transparent or customised shrink film, and cartons with advertising ready for display and cluster-clip packs.


Sidel Spumador Italy Bottle LineProducer and co-packer

Spumador is one of very few Italian producers bottling a complete range of beverages. In addition to its own brands of mineral water and soft drinks, the company is committed to bottling other brands  (from Coca-Cola to Nestlé) as well as a top co-packer for leading national names.


Project highlights

  • Installation of Sensofill™ FMa aseptic line
  • Output of up to 24,000bph for 7 formats
  • Flexible syrup mix processing
  • Capable of handling beverages with a pH higher than 4.5
  • Complex system for recovery of aromas
  • Single-layer or multilayer PET bottles


Sidel Spumador Italy EquipmentBenefits of sustainability

Thanks to the acquisition of this new line, the Spumador Group has been able to continue to pursue one of its major guidelines: maximum commitment to the "sustainability" of its own plants.  Tullio Tiozzo, Group Operations Director explains "With Sensofill™ FMa, product loss during product changeovers has been drastically cut and savings on water are around 40% while those on APA (Peracetic Acid) are 20%.  We respect the environment and force ourselves to reduce waste, energy and quantities of raw material, thus enabling us to fill the gap due to rising costs of raw material and the need to maintain a constant price for our products."


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