Sidel Spaipa Coca-Cola Brazil Cans

Two lines for a cutting-edge plant

Spaipa, a major bottler of Coca-Cola in Brazil, invests in two more lines from Sidel

A social role

Spaipa continues to invest in the technologies and partnerships that help them to fulfil their social role.  Following the success of Sidel fillers, blowers and palletisers already in use in several other plants, Spaipa chose Sidel for their most significant order to date: one line for PET and glass and another for cans for the extension at their Marília plant.


Sidel Spaipa Coca-Cola Brazil LineLatest-generation technology

Spaipa invested in two complete lines with latest-generation technology from Sidel Group. The first line packages cans in sizes 270ml, 310ml and 350ml with an output of 60,000 cph. The second line is for returnable glass bottles in sizes 290ml and 1L with outputs of 40,000 bph and 28,000 bph respectively and also PET at 1.5L with an output of 24,000 bph. Sidel's technology enables the scale of flexibility that is required for these outputs.


Sidel's solution for three plants

  • Refillable glass line
  • Canning line
  • Blowing machines
  • Fillers
  • Palletisers


Sidel Spaipa Coca-Cola Brazil Robotic ArmSustainability is key

Spaipa and Coca-Cola Company continue to fully embrace sustainability and the idea of returnable containers has been revived by the companies.  Mario Antonio Veronezi, Industrial and Logistic Director, explains "Our consumers appreciate the value of a company which produces and grows in an ecologically responsible way. That's why we will continue to invest in those technologies and partnerships that will support us in fulfilling our social role."


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