Sidel RTD Beverages USA Bottle Line

Sidel’s safety net for RTD Beverages

Sidel Predis™ ensures the quality of both premium water and iced teas produced by American company RTD Beverages.

A pristine product

RTD Beverages called on Sidel to design, supply and supervise the installation of a line that included a Combi (SBO 14 Universal & Eurotronica FM-S) with Predis.  RTD Beverage's President Wm B. Reily IV was adamant that the "entire project would be managed by one provider with the guarantee of a pristine product".  The US company's iced tea is the second largest brand sold in the USA and RTD also produces a natural, artesian water, Evamor™.


Sidel RTD Beverages USA LabellingKey factors

After Hurricane Katrina, RTD's production-site was relocated to ensure a safe product.  The company wanted to bottle at the highest level and made it a prerequisite that the product was even more sanitary than required by law. Sidel's Engineering and Conveying (E&C) unit worked closely with RTD to ensure the best layout, which was designed toanticipate growth and simplify future expansion.  Versatility and changeover times were key factors for President Wm. B Reily IV as well as sanitation.  He comments that "an all in one, blower and filler, has less chance of contamination".


Sidel RTD Beverages USA Line upBottle redesign

The new bottle design for water product Evamor™ was critical. Sidel's Packaging & Tooling Centre developed the shape with RTD, as the company wanted it to look and feel like a premium product  for its re-launch.  Soon after the line was completed, the company planned to expand to a larger bottle and to produce ready-to-drink Luzianne™ tea on the same line.  For this, it is again important to conduct production in a pristine environment.  Sidel also collaborated in the redesign of the Luzianne™ Iced Tea product, designing a bottle with no panels and creating the look and feel of a neo-classical column.


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