Three complete, high-speed lines for RG Brands

Following collaboration with Sidel, the new lines bring RG Brands’ annual production up to six million hectolitres

Another production centre

To increase its production capacity and to invest in new technologies, the Kazakh company RG Brands turned to Sidel. RG Brands was already beginning to export to neighbouring countries and to further increase its production, the company purchased a piece of land about 20 miles from their existing site. Three lines equipped entirely with Sidel machines were ordered and commissioned for the new plant and Sidel worked in partnership with the RG Brands team to optimise plant design and bottling line layout from the start of the project.


Sidel_RB_Kazakhstan_Green_BottlesMeeting market expectations

The two CSD lines are equipped with the SBO Universal 20/24 and the Eurotronica FM-C filler. They bottle various formats ranging from 0.5 to 2.25 litres at speeds from 15,200 to 36,000 bph - high rates compared to those normally reached by other local bottlers. Hot-fill technology was chosen for the bottling of fruit juices and teas. According to CEO Arman Zhanalinov this technology is best for "ensuring product quality that meets the expectations on our market."



Sidel's solution

  • Two lines with SBO Universal 20/24 and Eurotronica FM-C filler
  • Hot-fill line with SBO 20/24 Universal HR and Veloce filler
  • Conveying, labelling, shrink wrapping and palletisation equipment


Complete satisfactionSidel_RB_Kazakhstan_Employee

Sidel's designers worked on bottle shapes, both square and cylindrical, using four to six panels for hot filling at 85˚C; in order to improve the compression zone and to ensure shape stability. Four different bottle formats are being run on the hot-fill line and speeds range from 15,000 to 30,000 bph. RG Brands has expressed its complete satisfaction with the three lines which have brought its production capacity up to approximately 6 million hectolitres (nearly 160 million US gallons) per year.


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