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Largest CSD Combi from Sidel achieves 17% energy saving for Refres Now

Argentinian producer, Refres Now, has invested in the biggest Sidel Combi ever built

Impressive output rates

Part of a complete line, the Sidel Combi was installed at the company's bottling plant as a high-tech solution for bottling family pack sizes, which are in great demand in Argentina.  The line features aSidel Combi Eurotronica FMc and aSidel Starblend mixer and is presently achieving impressive production output rates of 30,000 bottles per hour for the larger two and a half litre bottles of carbonated soft drinks.


Refres Now Combi17% energy savings

Even for an organisation as big as Refres Now, the installation of the line was a huge investment - one that is now seen to have paid off.  As the company is also experiencing a comparative17% saving in the use of electricityon the line, Refres Now is delighted with the performance and with theincreased bottle base stabilityand thebetter distribution of material.




  • 17% energy savings on the line
  • Output rate of 30,000bph for the 2.5 litre format
  • Increased stability of bottle base with better distribution of material
  • Less likely to deform in high temperatures
  • Combi Eurotronica FMc and Starblend


Refres Now menSuccess for Sidel technology

The Combi is equipped with 20 blow moulding stations, 162 electronic flowmeter filling valves and 18 capping heads.  Brushless motors and an interface between blowing and filling functions contribute to energy savings and improved security.  Through careful and precise control of the caps before they enter the capper, the correct orientation and process quality are both assured to minimise problems and waste.  The success of the line has resulted in Refres Now being more determined than ever to take advantage of the latest technology.  As a result, Refres Now is considering how best to employ the cutting-edge technologyof Sidel Matrix  in order to maintain its position at the forefront of the Argentinian market.



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