Sidel Puleva Spain Bottles

New product for the Spanish market

Puleva Spain produces its new pasteurised milk on a Sidel aseptic line

Range of dairy products

Puleva Spain has launched its pasteurised milk on the Spanish market and has expanded its range of UHT dairy productsto include fresh milk. The milk is packed in a 1.5L bottle and is pasteurised on one of the two aseptic lines equipped with a Combi Disis at Puleva's Granada plant.


Aseptic solution

The new line is an aseptic solution that incorporates blowing, filling and capping and is based on the dry decontamination of the preform rather than the bottle.  This eliminates the use of water and chemicals. Puleva is producing flavoured milk, vitamin-enriched milk and now pasteurised milk due to this solution from Sidel and the dry decontamination technology continues to exceed expectations.


A variety of formats

The different milk products on offer from Puleva are available in various formats; 175ml, 250ml, 500ml, 750ml and 1.5L.  In addition, there are a variety of bottle designs, both square and cylindrical, as well as coming in transparent PET and white PET bottles.