PepsiCo, Germany

ECO lamps reduce energy use by 19% for PepsiCo Deutschland

Sidel’s ECO lamps on blower have generated a return on investment in just 12 months

Environmental targets
Sidel works closely with PepsiCo Deutschland with the aim of improving its operations wherever possible. At PepsiCo Deutschland's plant at Rodgau, Sidel identified a solution to save money. The machine at Rodgau is a Sidel SBO 18 Series2, installed to produce 1.5 and 2 litre bottles. Lamps on the machine consume around 90-95% of the total electrical power used by the PET blower. Sidel's ECO lamps were installed, with target savings of 15%. However, measurements taken confirmed that the savings achieved were actually as high as 19%.

Sidel PepsiCo, German bottles


Close cooperation to improve performance

As well as reducing both energy use and cost, Sidel's ECO lamps are robust and have a life expectancy of 5,000 hours. In some cases, no modification of the existing oven or the blowing process is needed.


  • Installation of Sidel ECO lamps on Sidel SBO 18 Series2 blower
  • Energy savings achieved (19%) surpassed those originally targeted (15%)
  • Lamps generated ROI in only 12 months


Energy savings

Calculations have shown that the PepsiCo lamps at Rodgau generated a return on investment in only 12 months. Yet this is not the only time that the two organisations have worked together. The same machine has also been fitted with Sidel's air-recycling system to reduce the air needed for blow moulding by 16%. Another collaboration reduced package weight and improved the blowing process.  By adopting such technologies, energy savings are made, environmental performance is improved and operating costs significantly lowered. 


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