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Fastest-ever Sidel Combi line running at 14,000 bph for 4 litre water PET bottles

Major Chinese bottled water producer Nongfu Spring has invested in a second Sidel bottling PET line to extend production capacity

Switching from HDPE to PET

When Nongfu Spring decided to switch from HDPE to PET for its 4 litre bottles, the company was looking to createa bottle to stand outon the supermarket shelf and to benefit fromhigher production output. Nongfu Spring also wanted to achieve a morecost effective and sustainable production processfor this bottle format.


Nongfu, China consumer 2A second PET Combi line to boost productivity

The company turned to Sidel, and early in 2014 Sidel supplied the fastest-ever Combi water line for the 4 litre PET bottle to Nongfu Spring, running at 14,000 bottles per hour. Sidel engineers proposed aunique and customised solution to match the customer's request forhigh speed and line efficiency.

Based on the success of the first line running in the main Nongfu Spring production site, the company renewed its confidence in Sidel by acquiring in 2015 a second line based on the same Combi technology to boost its productivity.  This line is now also running at 14,000 botttes per hour enlarging Nongfu Spring's production capabilities.


Nongfu, China 1Highlights

  • Switch from HDPE to PET for 4 litre water bottles
  • Fastest-ever Sidel PET Combi line running at 14,000 bottles per hour
  • Cost effective and sustainable production process
  • Enlarged production capabilities
  • Significant sales increase in family-oriented market segment


A successful installation and ramp up

Manufactured in the Sidel Beijing plant, the Combi was fully tested in-house to ensure a fast installation and ramp-up.  This allowed validation of all the components and options specifically developed for Nongfu Spring.  Sidel's strong project management was instrumental to the success of both installations, particularly given that the processes were rather complex.

Nongfu Spring's 4 litre water bottles have received a positive reaction from Chinese consumers and Nongfu has seen sales increase significantly in this market segment. 



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