Sidel Nirvana Water USA two bottles

Nirvana Water sales increase by 150% with new bottle designed by Sidel

US company introduces a new family of bottles designed by Sidel, which is eco-friendly and reduces their carbon footprint and sees sales increase by 150%

Sidel Nirvana Water USA blue bottleCommitted to water purity and quality

Natural spring water producer Nirvana is continually looking for the best practices in bottling its water.  Nestled amongst the Adirondack Mountains of Forestport, New York, Nirvana Natural Spring Water is a family-owned company.  The company turned to Sidel to assist them with a new bottle design  to appeal to the market whilst being environmentally friendly.


Eco-friendly bottle design

Nirvana wanted to revamp its bottle shape and look to differentiate itself from the competition and to reduce the impact on the environment. The company decided it wanted designs that were more appealing to the market. The new bottle design uses much less plastic whilst creating an appealing look and feel, which is vital in the competitive bottled water market.


Sidel Nirvana Water USA green bottleBottle shape revamp

The new bottle design sees a reduction of 3.8 grams of plastic per bottle  and retains the integrity of the bottle whilst being more environmentally friendly.  The Nirvana logo and label was redesigned to create a complete new look to their products.  The design concept focuses on purity of water and the company's environmentally conscious approach hence 'Positively Pure and' 'Naturally Green'.


More eco-friendly

According to Mozafar Rafizadeh, CEO of Nirvana; "The results were outstanding.  The Sidel team was easy to work with and very accommodating.  We are very pleased with the new design. No other company could give us such detail." So far the newly designed bottles have had a very positive impact; sales have increased 150% since the new look was launched.


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