Sidel’s EIT™ system improves the efficiency of its production

By remotely accessing production data from five plants, Niagara Bottling LLC is making water run smoothly

Smooth running

At Niagara Bottling LLC, the largest and fastest growing American-owned bottled water company, there are up to 22 pieces of equipment integrated on each line. With so much going on, it's easy to lose track of things. However Sidel's data acquisition system EIT™ helps Niagara's line operators to be better aware. EIT™ is dedicated to monitor the events and status of the line and to help users improve production line efficiency.



Flexibility of implementation

EIT™ is a strategic asset for helping companies to improve line performance. In addition its flexibility is definitely an added value on a reporting level  - and also from an integration standpoint. The system can be implemented on any line irrespective of its line integrator or Original Equipment Manufacturer - an advantage for Niagara which has bought lines and machines from different vendors and manufacturers over time.


Project highlights

  • Implementation at five plants of Sidel's EIT™
  • Later installation of EIT Map and EIT Compare modules
  • Scheduling of later fitting of ECO EIT™ module that monitors consumption of energy and utilities


Actionable dataNiagara_USA_Bottle

Following a pilot project intended to discover downtime reasons and calculate key performance indicators, EIT™ is now integrated to most of Niagara's lines. Further EIT™ modules dedicated to quality control and loss analysis  were also progressively added to get the most of third-party vision inspection systems equipped with automatic rejection capabilities. By accessing data remotely, Director of Engineering at Niagara, Rali Sanderson, is able to evaluate how the business is doing with regard to production targets.  Sidel's EIT™ system has become a strategic component  for Niagara Bottling in its quest for performance and sustainability.


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