Refurbishment for SBO 16 Series 2 blow moulder

When moving its bottling line, Nestlé Waters Sud improves blow-moulder productivity and achieves productivity gain of 15%

Productivity audits

To conduct a series of audits on its SBO16 Series2 blow moulder, Nestlé Waters Sud teamed up with Sidel with the aim of analysing and improving the machine's productivity.  Improvements were subsequently made as audits were conducted, which included the installation of suitable "perso" parts and various adjustments. Then, when one of its bottling lines needed to be transferred to a more strategic location in the same plant at Vergèze, Nestlé Waters Sud again asked Sidel for support.


Project highlights

  • 15% productivity gain
  • Increase in output rate of more than 14.3%
  • Audits on blow moulders
  • Moving of second PET bottling line to increase production
  • Refurbishment of blow moulder



Improving bottling line capacity

Nestlé Waters is the number one bottled water company in the world, with around 100 production sites in 36 countries. Production was to be completely stopped on the line for eight weeks, so unsurprisingly, Nestlé Waters Sud wanted to make best use of this long period of downtime - to optimise the machine's capability and also to increase its production capacity.  Sidel proposed refurbishment of the blow moulder and the installation of equipment to increase output from 1,400 to 1,600 bph per mould.



On schedule and up to speed

Maintenance Manager at Nestlé Waters Sud commented "Everything was done right on schedule, there were no major problems when the blow moulder was started up again - and the line was brought up to speed quicker than we had initially expected." There was an increase in output rate of more than 14.3% for the line. Nestlé Waters Sud therefore decided to have Sidel perform similar services on another SBO 20 Series2 blow moulder at the Perrier plant.


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