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Sidel helps Nestlé Waters achieve energy savings equal to shutting 20 ovens

Sidel identified corrective measures for Nestlé Waters to achieve global energy savings equivalent to more than 1 million euros a year

Adopting an energy-saving programme

As the result of a worldwide energy-saving programme, Sidel has supported Nestlé Waters inachieving reductions in its energy consumption.

Consequently, the world's leading producer of bottled water, with its 96 production facilities situated in 35 countries around the world, has achieved energy savings equivalent to the consumption of more than 20 ovens, representingsavings of more than 1 million euros a year.


Another production collaboration

Nestle waters Sidel 50 yearsNestlé Waters places a high priority on improving the environmental performanceof its processes. Nestlé Waters first undertook the conservation programme in 2010 when it challenges its long-term supplier, Sidel, with whom it has worked for over 50 years, to rationalise the energy consumption of its production equipment. The major recommendation was the installation of oven-top reflector lamps to maintain energy in the ovens.



  • Nestle Water Sidel equipmentEnergy savings achieved equivalent to shutting down 20 ovens
  • Savings of more than 1 million euros a year
  • 130 Sidel blow moulding machines converted by end of 2015
  • All will have been given a ROI over a period between 6 and 24 months


Global deployment

"As we achieved around 10% in energy savings, we werereally satisfied with the performanceresulting from the upgrades to the first two blowers," explained Mr. Stephane Bosshart, Corporate Chief Engineer at Nestlé Waters.

In close collaboration with Sidel, the energy conservation programme was deployed in all Nestlé Waters' plants worldwide and by the end of 2015, nearly 130 Sidel blow moulding machines were successfully converted with the oven-top reflector lamps. All of them will have given a return on investment of between six and 24 months.



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