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Roll-fed labelling capacity increased by 16%

US water bottler Mountain Valley Spring Company replaces two existing roll-fed labellers with a single Sidel Rollquattro Evolution, greatly improving labelling capacity

Stop line inefficiencies

Mountain Valley Spring Company was previously using two roll-fed labellers from another supplier that were limiting its production abilities. "Our former system caused all sorts of inefficiencies on the line, which created excess scrap and added costs to the production of our packages," says Dennis Adams, Director of Operations for Mountain Valley Spring Company. Needing to upgrade its labelling capabilities, Mountain Valley Spring Company decided to replace those machines with the proven Sidel Rollquattro Evolution labeller. Familiar with Sidel's blow moulding solutions, the company chose Sidel as a labelling solution provider to reduce waste andsimplify its production.


Ensuring fast start-up

Mountain Valley Sidel equipmentFactory testing of Sidel labellers prior to shipment helps ensuresimple installation with minimal downtime, limiting impact on production. As a result, the installation process of the Sidel Rollquattro Evolution at the Mountain Valley Spring Company site again proved to be equallyquick and seamless. Within four days, two existing labellers were dismantled and the new Sidel labeller was up and running at the spring water brand's site.



  • Stopping line inefficiencies by reducing production waste and excess scrap
  • Increasing labelling capacity by 16% from a single machine in place of two, running at 700 bottles per minute (bpm)
  • Savings of at least 15% on annual glue consumption versus other machines
  • Fast, seamless installation in four days


Labelling capacity increased by 16%

Since installation, the company has enjoyed improved labelling speed and performance. The Sidel Rollquattro Evolution can tackle the work of their two previous labellers. It is equipped with anergonomically designed, robust and linear labelling station. Dennis Adams, comments: "Having one total solution has enabled us tostreamline our labelling process and will ultimately increase the number of bottles we can label, achieving 700 bottles per minute (bpm) compared to the 600 bpm running previously."


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