Switch to PET for bottling of dairy products

Serbian Mlekara Subotica makes a major step by changing to PET for some of its dairy products

Launched on the Serbian market

The decision to switch over to PET and the cold chain for part of its dairy products packaged in cardboard at the time, marked a major change from Mlekara Subotica.  The company decided to opt for a complete line from Sidel, equipped with a Combi Predis™ Hema GWm 8/30/10.  In addition to developing new products and flavours, Mlekara Subotica was also planning on exporting its products to countries in the European Union, North America and the Middle East.



  • Combi Hema GWm 8/30/10
  • Predis™ dry decontamination system
  • Capdis™
  • Gravimetric weight technology
  • Mechanical conveyors
  • Accumulation tables
  • Stretch wrappers


Sidel_Mlekara_Subotica_Single_BottlePerfectly suited for filling dairy products

Features include the Combi dry decontamination system for preforms (Predis™) and caps (Capdis™) using hydrogen peroxide and Gravimetric Weight Technology, which is perfectly suited for filling viscous dairy products.  Versatile and flexible with quick format changeover, it can be used with a wide variety of products, even yogurt with small fruit pieces.


Investing in new technologies

The Subotica plant, about 200km north of Belgrade was expanded to house the new equipment. Mechanical conveyors, accumulation tables and stretch wrappers from Sidel were included in the line, for milk in 1 litre PET bottles (11,800 bph) as well as drinkable yogurt and fruit yogurt in 500ml, 330ml and 250ml containers (14,400 bph).  An innovation on the Serbian market at the time, the dairy products in PET bottles helped to strengthen Mlekara Subotica's market position.  The Combi, with integrated blowing-filling-capping, also enabled the dairy to benefit from the creative potential for bottle design, with the original shape for the 1 litre milk bottle being designed by Sidel's design team.


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