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Sidel helps Mineral Quantum achieve 45% cut in use of electricity

After implementing Sidel’s line improvement service, the Romanian producer has made savings of 45%

Value creation

Quantum Mineral Trading Company was naturally interested in any potential savings  and after managers attended a Sidel Value Creation Day held in Poiana Brasov, it entered into discussions with the supplier.  Gabor Karikas, Technical Manager said "Thanks to our continual contact with Sidel's Customer Services Manager - and participation in the Value Creation Day - we decided to develop our 'Short Neck Project'." As well as the neck shortening project, Mineral Quantum decided to install the Sidel Ecoven which reduced electricity usage by 45%. 


Sidel Mineral Quantum Romania manSave costs and minimise waste

Neck shortening in PET bottles offers the potential for savings and reduces post-consumer waste  by reducing the material used in preforms, bottles and caps. Keeping the same bottle shape, it was decided to change the standard 1810 neck closure to an 1881 closure.  This resulted in savings of 1.5 gram on all four Mineral Quantum formats.  In addition to the cost savings, the reduction in raw materials and waste has also had apositive effect in environmental terms. Testing showed there would be no compromise on the bottles' mechanical properties.



  • Change of neck on four bottle formats (0.5, 1.5, 2 and 2.5 litres) - from existing standard 1810 closure to an 1881 closure
  • Replacement of existing oven on the Sidel Universal SBO6 blower with the more economical Ecoven


Sidel Mineral Quantum Romania bottleCutting energy usage by 45%

At the same time as the design of the necks was changed, the installation of the highly efficient Sidel Ecoven on the production line featuring the Sidel Universal SBO6 blower, significantly reduced the use of electricity.  Requiring fewer heating modules and lamps, Ecovens reduce preform-heating time and use the installed power more efficiently.  Compared to the previous blow moulders, reductions in compressed air consumption will also contribute to Mineral Quantum's savings and lower its Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


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