Sidel Knjaz Milos Serbia single bottle

Lighter water bottle increases sales by 20%

Sidel works with Serbia’s No.1 beverage brand, Knjaz Miloš to design a new water bottle that is 7g lighter

Local operations

Despite the popularity of Aqua Viva water, Knjaz Miloš had several reasons to want to make its packaging lighter. Firstly, the price of PET had increased, so reducing the amount of material used would bring savings. Secondly, the company's sustainable agenda made energy reduction a priority and Knjaz Miloš wanted to offer the consumer an improved ergonomic experience. The company was aware of Sidel's reputation and the fact that the company had operations nearby was decisive. Sidel's team supported the customer every step of the way, from sketches to mock-ups and pilot moulds. The new packaging, combined with promotions and a hot summer, lead to a 20% increase in annual sales.


Sidel Knjaz Milos Serbia bottlesTechnical and process know-how

The company decided to start a 'new look' with a 1.5 litre family bottle. The first step was choosing the right partner capable of developing such light packaging, while enhancing the bottle's ergonomics in comparison with the previous heavier bottle. Zorica Vukčević, COO of Knjaz Miloš commented "Our previous packaging had been excellent for raising brand awareness and image building. But Sidel's packaging expertise combined with their technical and process know-how helped to develop a truly adapted industrial solution."



  • New look 1.5 litre family bottle
  • Implementation of project-management structure
  • New bottle design weighs 30g
  • Optimises client's Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Easy to handle
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Design leads to 20% increase in sales


Easy to handle

Vukčević explained "We felt that Sidel were best suited to meet our expectations in lowering costs and reducing our environmental impact. Sidel's specific capabilities in lightweighting were also a key factor for us". The bottle - weighing just 30m - now has a design that is more robust, easier to open and handle yet ensures that Knjaz Miloš optimises TCO. Production of the packaging requires less energy, thereby reducing CO2 emissions and enabling Knjaz Miloš to meet tough environmental targets.


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