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Sidel line improvement service helps achieve 18% energy saving

Service results in substantial savings for PET water bottling line at Japan’s Kirin facility, the world’s largest distillery

A growing market

From 2013 to 2018, the Japanese market for bottled water  is forecast to grow by 0.7% in value terms, with still bottled water increasing by 0.3%.  Recognising the opportunity for marketing bottled water from underground streams, Kirin installed a dedicated Sidel PET bottle blowing line in 1999. Sidel's ECO lamps, installed as part of Sidel's Line Improvement services, helped Kirin in their continuous search for greatersustainability and cost effectiveness.


Kirin Japan eco lampsFinding a balance

In a typical line, the lamps used to heat preforms account for 90-95% of the electricity used by a blow moulder.  Sidel's ECO lamps are available as amodular upgradeon both the Sidel SBO Series 1 and Series 2 blowers.  They have a life expectancy of 24145 hours and provide an effective solution that is easy to install and generally results in energy savings of around 15%.






  • 18% reduction in consumption of electrical energy
  • Achieved by modular upgrade of line and fitting of ECO lamps to the blow moulder
  • Enabled client to optimise productivity and minimise TCO
  • Cost and sustainability benefits


An effective solution

Japan shoppers smallAs consumers become ever more environmentally aware, Japanese beverage producers are looking to balance economic performance with environmental concerns and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.  The Project Manager at Kirin said "The lamps have generated substantial energy savings and have also brought the benefits ofimproved process stability and optimised production output".



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