Sidel Khosghovar Iran Bottles

Minute-Maid launched in Iran in PET

Sidel has supplied a PET bottling line to Khosghovar Beverages in order to launch the product in Iran

Introduction to a new market

The decision to opt for PET bottling was taken to differentiate the product from other fruit and vegetable juices.  Spotting an opportunity in the market, Khosghovar decided to introduce Minute-Maid to the Iranian market in PET bottles.  Prior to the launch, consumers looking for natural products without any preservatives had to settle for juices packaged in boxes. To realise the plan, the company turned to Sidel.

Variety of flavours

3.3.1-completeLineKhosghovar is the country's largest bottler of carbonated beverages and bottles Coca-Cola in Iran under licence.  The launch of Minute Maid in Iran marked Khosghovar's first venture into the juice market. Validation of the aseptic line was successfully achieved despite very demanding protocols from the client and the line now reaches bottling rates as high as 25,000 bph. The Minute Maid juices are produced in 300 ml and 1 l bottles in multiple flavours including orange, peach, 100% apple and sour cherry.


Health and wellness

The outlook for fruit and vegetable juice is promising.  Consumption of juice per capita in Iran is still low compared to other Middle Eastern and African countries.  With the new line and rising consumer health concerns, Khosghovar Beverage is now well placed to be able to provide Minute Maid juices that meet the health demands of consumers. The sports drink Powerade, the nutrient-enhanced sports drink first introduced in 1988 by The Coca-Cola Company, is also being launched by Khosghovar.