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Sidel PET bottle differentiates brand for UHT milk producer

Brazilian dairy producer, Jussara, makes its UHT milk stand out on the shelves by packaging in PET bottles on complete Sidel aseptic line

Jussara milk bottlingBiggest consumer of UHT milk

In a domestic milk market dominated by cartons, Jussara wanted to differentiate its brands on the shelves. In 2013, Brazil consumed 6.3 billion litres of UHT milk, a figure which makes the country the world's largest consumer of UHT milk. The PET bottle was a revolutionary step for Jussara and, after more than a year investigating options, the company decided to invest in a new line for its premium UHT milk from Sidel.


Jussara RollquattroMarketing breakthrough

The complete line was installed in the Patroncínio Paulista plant, in São Paulo state with the aim of introducing innovative packaging, drawing on the flexible design possibilities of PET. Jussara then introduced its Jussara Max range for long-life milk with added calcium and vitamin D in a PET plastic bottle, which has been very well received by Brazilian consumers.  


Jussara Sidel equipmentPortfolio

  • Packaging design of new PET bottle to differentiate Jussara brand
  • Complete Sidel line including Combi Predis™ FMa and Capdis™
  • Rollquattro labelling, shrink-wrapping and over-wrapping solutions
  • Four weeks training on site
  • Fast ramp-up for commercial launch




A revolutionary bottling technology

"Sidel shared its vision on the best packaging for our product, both in terms of design and also in terms of PET material," explains Mr Laercio Barbosa, Commercial Director and owner of Jussara. The choice of PET material was also linked to the choice of the specific Sidel aseptic bottling technology. This includes blowing, filling and capping functions in a single production enclosure and benefits from Sidel's dry preform and cap decontamination solutions: the Combi Predis™ FMa and Capdis™ .



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