Sidel Jugos del Valle Powerade

Sidel hot-fill Combis add value to Jugos del Valle

The two Combis are now producing an isotonic and ready-to-drink tea in 0.5, 0.6 and 1 litre PET bottles.

Investment in two production lines

In response to rapidly evolving consumer lifestyles and demands in Mexico, Sidel has supplied Jugos del Valle, the leader in ready-to-drink juices and juice drinks, with two production lines in quick succession. Each line features a Sidel hot-fill Combi and was installed less than two years apart, enabling the company to handle full production of isotonic 'Powerade' and a ready-to-drink tea in various formats, including 0.5, 0.6 and 1 litre PET bottles.


Left Powerade117The best fit

The Mexican company Jugos del Valle is a strategic partner of with Coca-Cola and offers over sixty brands in Mexico. Domestically, it is the leader in teas, second in the sports drinks market and third in bottled water and energy drinks. When deciding to invest in a new production line, General Director Alejandro Malagón explains that "We analysed all the proposals we received from various suppliers and in the end we decided that the Sidel offer was really the best fit for our needs."



Maximum efficiency

Right Powerade116Choosing a Sidel Combi was the first time Jugos del Valle had opted for such an integrated system. It optimises production simplicity, requiring just one operator, and reduces operating costs by up to 30 per cent. The transition from standalone lines to the new Combi required training to ensure operators get maximum productivity from the equipment.  Malagón insists that increased efficiency, reliability and performance make it worthwhile. "A solution like this helps us to cut costs, we no longer have to deal with transportation costs for the bottle because now it arrives without being transformed. This also allows us to make it slightly thinner, which helps to reduce costs even more," comments Malagón.


The right partner

Risk-free production was of the utmost importance to Jugos del Valle. To help ensure total safety and product integrity, Sidel offers filling alternatives in hot-fill or aseptic applications designed to maintain the physical integrity of the beverage. Backed by its solid industrial expertise, Sidel was able to help Jugos del Valle master the complexities typically associated with hot-fill production, such as the collapsing of packages, and to define the most-adapted bottle process possible.


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