Six Sidel hot-fill lines to ensure quality

Chinese brand Jin Mai Lang is a growing name in beverage products and has recently acquired six hot-fill lines for teas and juices

Reacting to consumer demand

To keep up with market trends and consumer demands, Jin Mai Lang continually reinvigorates its product range  to respond to changing consumer tastes.  From instant noodles to juices, the company's market size has grown more than twenty fold since its foray into the beverage market three years ago.  For sensitive products, Jin Mai Lang chose Sidel hot-filling solutions. 



  • Installation of 6 complete PET hot-fill machines
  • SBO20 Universal blow-moulding machines
  • Veloce fillers
  • Bottle and pack conveyors


Sidel_Jin_Mai_Lang_1_China_LineFocus on safety and quality

To meet its expansion plans, Jin Mai Lang has put in place a strong sales and distribution network, invested heavily in product development, branding and aggressive marketing.  "One of our key areas of focus is product quality and safety.  Hence, when it comes to packaging equipment, we wanted best-in-class" said Mr He Chengan, General Manager of Jin Mai Lang. 








Looking ahead

In recent years, Sidel has supplied a total of six complete hot-fill lines to Jin Mai Lang for filling teas and juices in PET bottles (500ml).  The six hot-fill lines, running at 24,000 bph, include Sidel's SBO20 Universal blow-moulding machines, Veloce fillers and Sidel conveyors.  With its specific design features, the Veloce filler is particularly well-suited to filling juices at hot or ambient temperature.  With hot filling, special care has been taken to maintain a stable temperature under all working conditions, even during downtime, thanks to a product-recycling system.  "Our vision is to be one of the top five beverage producers in China" added Mr He Chengan.


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