Sidel Jin Mai Lang 2 China Bottles

Preventive maintenance to optimise production

Chinese bottler Jin Mai Lang sees an increase in production equipment availability and therefore long-term savings

Tailor made solutions from Sidel

Having equipped nine of its production sites with 18 Sidel bottling lines, Jin Mai Lang Beverage China has benefited from a number of tailor made solutions from Sidel, adapted from the maintenance plans already in place.  Sidel experts made several diagnostic visits to Jin Mai Lang's sites and conducted a review of the condition of the machines.


Effective performance

Jin Mai Lang, part of the Nissin Wallaw Group, chose 12 Combi lines for water and six hot-filling lines for juice and tea.  Several years later, upon Jin Mai Lang's request, Sidel undertook the task of reviewing blow moulders, fillers and labellers.  Over the course of a month, 38 pieces of equipment were reviewed and diagnosed by Sidel's team.  The resulting report from Sidel helped Jin Mai Lang's beverage maintenance teams to optimise the performance of all the company's equipment.


Suggestions for improved reliability

The report produced by Sidel advised all the spare parts that would be needed for effective preventive maintenance, which were classified in different categories depending on their importance and have since been selected and ordered by the Chinese bottler.  Strong communication between the maintenance teams of both Jin Mai Lang and Sidel helped enhance the operators' technical skills and as a result of preventive maintenance review, Jin Mai Lang has experienced an increase in production equipment availability and reliability, which in turn has proved to offer long-term savings.