Sidel Jeju South Korea bottles

Sustainable growth for Jeju’s green strategy

Sidel installs the first ever complete bottling line with a Combi in South Korea for mineral water bottler, Jeju

Ecological credentials

As an ecologically-conscious company, mineral water bottler Jeju was impressed with Sidel's green credentials due to its focus on savings on consumption, hygiene and lightweight bottles. Faced with the need to improve productivity to meet consumer demand, Jeju placed a significant order with Sidel for a complete bottling line.


Sidel Jeju South Korea ControlsA strong relationship

Since its market launch in 1998, Jeju Samdasoo has been a market leader in terms of sales of mineral water on the domestic market and also exports to overseas markets in Japan, Hong Kong and China.  Sidel's relationship with Jeju goes back to early 2007.  Jeju was looking to increase production by 200 million bottles to meet growing demand.  Production capability at the time was 230 million bottles with two existing lines.


Sidel's solution:

  • Combi
  • Bottle conveyor
  • Cap feeder
  • Shrink wrapper
  • Labeller
  • Pack conveyor
  • Palletiser


Sidel Jeju South Korea Plant InteriorImproved efficiency

Once the new line was installed, efficiency was up to 90%.  Sidel also designed the layout and solved a problem of limited space by supplying an automatic preform storage system. The line fills 2L water bottles and runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week during peak season. The customer was also satisfied with the savings on water that Sidel's solution offered as it requires no rinsing water.



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