30% PET reduction and 30% sales increase for Mexican chain

Sidel bottle design achieves improved sales for Mexican pharmacy store chain

Starting production

Farmacias Guadalajara previously used third-party suppliers to provide bottled water for its stores.  The Mexican pharmacy chain took the decision to start its own production in both still and carbonated water.  Working closely with Sidel engineers and designers, the company installed a Sidel Eurotronica FM C-48 filler and Starblend mixer, capable of outputting bottles at speeds of 10,000 bph in the 1.5 litre format and up to 16,000 bph in the 330 ml and 600 ml formats. A new design of the bottle used12 grams less raw material than the original bottle by the third-party supplier. 


Competitive edge

To give the new brand 'Blue Bay' its own distinctive identity, Farmacias Guadalajara turned to the Sidel packaging team for assistance with brand and packaging design.  The result was astrong and modern shape that would identify the new brand, yet - by reducing the amount of raw material and resources used - could also give Innomex a competitive edge byreducing costs.


Innomex fillerHighlights

  • Increased sales of 30% due to improved identity and better brand positioning
  • Total saving of 30% PET
  • Capable of 10,000 bph in 1.5 litre format
  • 16,000 bph in the 330ml and 600 ml formats
  • Installation of Eurotronica FM-C48 filler and Sidel Starblend mixer





30% increase in sales

The new shape has proved highly popular with the end-user.  Sales have increased by 30% due to the product's improved identityand better brand positioning. The saving of 30% PET was also reflected on the producer's bottom line.  Having achieved such a resounding success with its own bottled water, Farmacias Guadalajara is now looking to expand further energy drinks and isotonics



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