Sidel Ifri Production LIne

Sidel supplies first ever aseptic line in Africa

Ifri in Algeria has installed an aseptic PET line, equipped with Combi Predis™ FMa.

Flexibility in production
The line at IFRI's new Akbou plant is the first-ever aseptic line to be installed in Africa and under the Ifruit brand it currently bottles fruity drinks, drinks based on fruit juices and milk, 100% fruit juices and nectars as wall as Isotonic beverages. Investment in its line, equipped with Combi Predis™ FMa, offers IFRI flexibility in the production of its full range of aseptic products, enabling the company to blow, fill and cap all in PET bottles on the same machine.

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Installation and innovation

Installation of the Ifruit line was accompanied by innovations to the packaging, both in terms of format and shape. These included bottles with the latest designs, 38mm necks and wraparound OPP (oriented polypropylene) labels, as well as partial and total sleeves. Throughout the whole process Sidel provided IFRI with its PET expertise and close support in redesigning the packaging of the Ifruit range.


Combi Predis™ FMa - cost-effective and eco-friendly
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IFRI has made a policy of listening to the marketplace; the company keeps pace with developing consumption trends. The company introduced Ifruit, a line of 100% natural fruit juices. IFRI natural juices contain no preservatives and have excellent microbiological qualities, so IFRI opted for aseptic bottling, since this gives the consumer the best that the fruit has to offer. Distribution at ambient temperature eliminates any risk of breaking the cold chain and lowers distribution costs. Sidel was chosen to provide the design and supply of the aseptic line, based on positive past experiences.


Predis™ technology optimises the whole sterilisation process. The system reduces the number of machines needed and it sterilises without using water and only a small amount of chemicals through dry decontamination. Aziz Ibrahim of IFRI says "Predis™ helps us to protect the environment. We produce no chemical waste from decontamination and we use less water, an increasingly rare resource."


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